Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In the land of the living

I would have lost heart, unless I
had believed 
That I would see the goodness of
the LORD
In the land of the living. 
Psalm 27:13

8:44 p.m. Today's project was to plunge back into my Mary Kay business with vigor, and frankly, with excitement, after taking almost a month off since December 22nd to see Steve through his last days and celebrate his life with hundreds of people last Saturday. 

Since God has designed this life to go forward, there's not much choice but to go along with His plans. We found out the sex of our new grandson last week; and Desmond--along with his expectant parents--are moving into my house on February 1st. Lots of redecorating and even renovations have already begun, so that the "young Loves" can move comfortably into their rooms. There is plenty of moving and tossing of extra items that have been stored in the house only because there was plenty of room for them. (It's pretty easy for one person to spread her belongings throughout an eleven-room house)! We'll make it work, Lord willing, with inspiration from the Holy Spirit, because we have to. You see, my son Kriss, his wife, son and Cocker Spaniel are arriving in April!

More progress: I've taken blooms off of two flower arrangements I received early on, before they spoiled, to freshen my downstairs dried flower decorations. It's amazing how beautifully roses and carnations dry. We still have huge arrangements from our church family and the ones I ordered from the mortuary. So much bright yellows and blues, oranges and reds, colors Steve loved. How I thank the Lord for such beauty He created, for the flowers that bring such joy into my heart and home! Jesus said in Matthew 6:28-29, 

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they neither toil nor spin; yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as all of these.

Yesterday, I delivered the six padded folding chairs two friends had loaned us for our family dinner, not only to give them personal thank you cards, and to be considerate, but I also needed to reclaim the rear cargo area of my Jeep for my inventory cart, to get back to business. I've just been eager since Saturday, grateful that even during my hiatus, God sent me a few sales, including a check from my sister for her foundation, right after the memorial service.  His encouragement shows me that I am still alive, and am still called to a business that allows me to minister to women from every race, age, and walk of life. I truly believe, as Spurgeon pointed out in his quote contained in my last post ("The quiet man," January 13) that we are to witness for Christ in whatever occupation God gifts us for. 

Is it too soon to go back to work? After all, life insurance and final details of Steve's body's cremation are not completed. My youngest son just left for home yesterday afternoon, not nearly as sick as he was Saturday and Sunday. If you consider that most jobs only allow 5 days' bereavement leave, I've been blessed to be able to take over twice that much time since January 1st when Steve passed into heaven. I have already returned to church and will get back to Home Fellowship and Bible study next week. But I think the best indicator of right timing was that it was easy to slip back into fellowship with Christian Mary Kay directors and other Red Jackets like myself. I found myself attentively listening, taking notes and asking questions of the National Sales Director who trained us, absorbing the excitement of the hard-earned recognitions the leaders were receiving. My MK friend Cara, now a director, and I traveled to this daytime meeting, and then to a much smaller meeting this evening where I met more new "sisters," also believers, with whom I could share Steve's illness and departure. I am even now contacting and setting up appointments with potential and current team members and customers, and am eager to do more, to get back up to speed in the next few weeks.

The Lord is speaking, stretching and strengthening me for the days ahead, in the land of the living, as He has for 32 years. I wait daily, as I have for 32 years, for God's words of direction. He is faithful, absolutely and always! Psalm 27:14:

Wait on the LORD;
Be of good courage,
And He shall strengthen your
Wait, I say, on the LORD! 

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  1. Love this testimony. May our LORD continue to bless your business.

    Hugs and prayers,