Friday, November 2, 2012

"I am the Lord, I change not." Malachi 3:6

9:01 p.m. Today's project was to walk amidst the busyness of my business day in the knowledge that no matter what happens, God remains the same, as Malachi 3:6 assures us! I let this verse be my watchword from this morning when I read it in my Morning & Evening devotional, to this late hour as I reflect upon it.

Woke up this morning to my cell phone alarm at 5 a.m., 45 minutes earlier than usual, but, for no apparent reason, because I was already awake, waited until the 5:15 secondary alarm went off to get up. "Because I can!" must have been my reasoning. Honestly!

Today was to be a big day, because I'd be heading out to Moreno Valley by 8:30 for an all-day Holiday Gift Boutique at a friend's home. The Jeep had been packed the night before with inventory,wrapped gifts, baskets, decorations and samples for my luxe Mary Kay table; also in place were chips and refried bean dip I'd made to share with other vendors. I even had three different tablecloths so a final, perfect decision could be made. There's just once chance to make a first impression, so my best effort would go into this event!

In my devotion this morning, Spurgeon wrote,

It is well for us that, amidst all the variableness of life, there is One whom change can never affect; One whose heart can never alter, and on whose brow mutability can make no furrows. All things else have changed--all things are changing. The sun grows dim with age; the world is waxing old;the folding up of the worn out vesture has commenced; the heavens and earth must soon pass away; they shall perish...but there is One who only hath immortality, of whose years there is no end, and in whose person there is no change.

Think of the changes we routinely weather, like the weather itself! I checked the Accu-Weather app on my smart phone several times this morning and yes, there would be fog still present during my planned drive time. That's scary to me, even with a new pair of contact lenses inserted this morning.  So, after  my devotions, I determined that I wouldn't leave until 9:00, for the 10:00 scheduled opening of the event to the public.I'd just have to work a little faster in setting up my display.

With some extra time, I made up a fresh batch of scrambled eggs with salsa, chopped roast beef, shredded cheddar jack, cooked in butter--no fake food for me. And I had a chance to listen to a couple of Bible teachers on the radio that I normally miss, and a phone-in, pre-recorded encouraging message from a Mary Kay director, while getting ready.

Another change--we didn't exactly have the house jam-packed with patrons, kind of puzzling, because we, among all of us vendors, had to to have invited 500 people, with reminders and Facebook posts with pictures (mine, because my friend wrapped the gifts so beautifully). But we didn't start to pick up a steady stream of customers until about lunch time, very odd. So we vendors got to know each other well, bought and traded wonderful products with one another. There was plenty of time to lavish attention on each lady who came to shop with us. They had mini-facials, and one did her complete eye makeup with our new compact shadows. I not only made a nice amount of money, but got three, probably four new bookings and added 6 people to my preferred customer list!
I covered 7 Christmas gifts, too!

There was another change, whose consequences I'll see tomorrow. Since I left the house about the same time Steve's caregivers at Raincross are getting him out of bed, and returned home at his bedtime, this was the first day in 8 weeks that  I couldn't go visit him. I pray Steve will recognize me and be glad to see me tomorrow.I feel bad about missing a visit, but this is how I earn a living for us.  For the next several weeks, this is the same lucrative retail season for me as it is for Nordstroms-- selling exceptional products perfect for gift-giving. I won't have any other all-day events to attend --that I know of so far-- that won't leave me any time to visit Steve, but I'll be working long hours around those visits. I never forget to thank God that at age sixty-one I can work, especially in my own fun, pleasant and feminine business.  The exciting thing is that personal, one-on-one business interactions often lead to personal witnessing and uplifting opportunities.

May that aspect of my life not change too much--unless for the better, in both service and ministry to others, always growing and improving!

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