Thursday, May 9, 2013

Say the Words Part II

2:42 p.m. Today's project was to continue in my newly established routine of reading scripture aloud in the solitude of my devotional time. Reading through the latter chapters of the Gospel of Luke, and now on into John, has given me a greater measure of personal interaction with God's word, especially reading Jesus' comments and teachings out loud, as I think He would have said them.

I began John Chapter 3, where Jesus instructs a leader of the rabbis, Nicodemus, in the kingdom of God. About midway, I came to the most precious verse in the Bible to believers through all generations and throughout the world, verse 16:

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

The floodgates opened as I began to read the words of this promise that has made me the saved and grateful woman I am today! I literally could not read it until I'd gathered myself in praise and thanksgiving to my gracious Lord. and how much had John 3:16 meant to me each time? My life, my whole being.  I have no other identity than as a daughter of the King. Yet, somehow, the Holy Spirit needed the free gift of salvation by the sacrifice of the Son of God, to sink in with special power today.

There are times when we need to express our innermost hearts, not only to the Lord, but to family, friends, mentors, even colleagues.  It is "such a time as this" for me, as I undertake a 52-day march, marathon, race to the finish line of becoming a Mary Kay Director. My team is in place, including prayer partners Josie and Monica, who declares regularly as we pray, "God, I won't stop praying until Dana has that pink Cadillac, because I want a ride in it!!" Don't you just love your believing friends' belief in you?
Additionally, the Lord has given me excellent training, guidance and leadership from my director Laurie, and other top directors have poured their wisdom into me as well. Yet I have not expressed in writing my commitment to this goal, nor the actions I will take to achieve it, until yesterday. Here is the letter I sent to our National Director Kathy Helou after listening to a live call encouraging us Future Directors and Directors in Qualification (DIQ):

Dear Kathy,
I was very inspired and challenged by the DIQ call and testimonies on Monday. God directly told me last year, "I am in this for you." With my late husband in his final months with early-onset dementia, I just didn't play full-out like I should have. It would have been wonderful to make Director while Steve was still alive, but he would not have comprehended the achievement (although he certainly would have been happy for my good news).

But now is not the time to bemoan past laxity. I'm going forward! And in this new life God is designing for me, there is freedom to work as hard as I need to. Two of my grown kids and their families live with me, cooking and keeping the house and property in order, so I am truly blessed.

Company motto "God first, family second, and career third" has been the most important part of the Mary Kay company for me. Last year when our CEO told a director on stage that he'd pray for her and her family, I knew MK was the real deal, lead by real believers--PUBLICLY real believers. As I tell my friends, customers, family and team members, there's no company like it! 

I am one active team member away from submitting for  DIQ. I am committed to do whatever it takes to advance the women on my team to boldly build their own business, and go as far as they dare to. We will be a hardworking team, the future "Uplifted Ones" unit, to the glory of God!

It's my time, and I will follow your encouragement and challenge to take that next step into DIQ, and directorship, and debut on the 50th anniversary stage!

Blessings to you, Kathy,

Dana Kruckenberg

Let's be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's  promptings and obey when it's time to say the words!

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