Monday, February 6, 2012

Adding feet to faith

6:56 p.m. Today's project was to meet a friend and customer at Starbucks in Moreno Valley, enjoy a nice visit, and keep her family's needs in prayer. We did spend some time sharing and anticipating some exciting new developments in her life. I'll be seeing her and her girlfriends on a couple of Saturday mornings for a "Muffins & Makeovers" style skincare and beauty session another unit member and I are starting weekly on February 18th. She was looking very well, considering her long season of recovery from work-related injury and the resultant surgery. God has strengthened and preserved my friend physically and spiritually, praise His name!I wrapped up her products and gave her an audio CD to listen to (" Mary Kay, the Perfect Opportunity") as she was leaving. She's been in business for herself before, so who knows?

I continued sitting at my table making phone calls to customers.I  offered a free facial to two young ladies seated near me--one in Army fatigues and one in very stylish civilian dress. I'm mailing a catalog, microdermabrasion sample, and a party packet to new friend Judy before she leaves for an Army training in Texas--she's excited to have a party when she returns in April! and it's the least I can do for a gal who's serving our country.

Then I remembered that I had my mini-notebook computer and mobile "hot spot" with me, so I logged onto the Mary Kay website and gathered some information from my national director. I also checked on the status and progress of my team, and felt extra cheery because a new team member was due at my house to sign her agreement at 1:30 p.m. The Lord is rewarding the effort He's asked me to make, while keeping Steve well cared for and  usefully occupied at home. I asked Steve to pray as I left for work this morning--because this is my career, and I'm no longer treating it as a hobby like I did a few years ago. My goals are set before me, and I take my work seriously, and try to conduct my business professionally and consistently. And Steve is proud to be part of the effort with his prayers.

By the time I'd left another customer's house, I'd made $74.50 for 2 hours of effort, consisting of pleasant conversation with women I like to spend time with! What's that--$37.25/hour? And it all went straight into the bank. You see, I needed to earn my share of a family baby shower gift without cracking into the household budget. Again, thank you, Lord, for money to spare!

The Lord showed me that I need to break out of my fear of spending any money to buy a coffee for the ladies I meet with, drive the extra miles to deliver products and pick up payments, even give away a brush set for a new consultant agreement! And I even tithe in cash on my business, no matter how small that 10% is some weeks!

Talk about getting out of my comfort zone: last week, I scheduled a movie date in the middle of the day for Steve and me with another couple for a Monday; and Friday I'm setting aside time to have breakfast with a friend to enjoy her chickens' fresh eggs, without nervously grudging lost phone and appointment time. If she needs product, I always have inventory with me in the Jeep, but if she's still good, we'll have just as great a morning! I need to spend a little, whether time or money, to reap big rewards! Ecclesiastes 11:1 agrees:

Cast your bread upon the waters,
For you will find it after many days.

And Jesus is quoted in Acts 20:35,

It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Let's boldly give to others in behalf of the One with limitless power and provision--what do we have to fear?

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