Thursday, February 9, 2012

One less pill

4:01 p.m. Today's project was to take Steve for his 6 month appointment with his neurologist, Dr. Sovory. She has been much more aggressive in seeking answers and treatments for his condition, than her predecessor Dr. Rai. We listen to her very carefully, because she also listens carefully, and then gives very thorough explanations and rationales for her recommendations. She is also a believer, and has even started working on my Galatians Bible study!

An added touch of encouragement from the Lord? The nurse gave me an order for two products, which I was able to fetch from the Jeep and get paid for after Steve's appointment. Always good to carry inventory with you because "you can't sell from an empty wagon!"

Because of the fact that Steve has lost most of his speech, Dr. Sovory said his symptoms are  not presenting as Alzheimer's does. (That dementia type is most prominent in the literature and easiest to diagnose). That's an amazing statement, but wouldn't be very comforting to our kids, because it it is still an inherited severe dementia.

One point that I brought out are trouble swallowing pills, so I've cut out the large natural vitamins, even hard to swallow when cut into quarters. At least his Rx meds are all very small. Other new developments are utter confusion on things like knowing where the garage is, or caring for himself personally. She emphasized that even with Aricept and Namenda, no slowing of the disease is possible, but listened when I told her that behaviors are noticeably improved when he takes them. I forgot to mention Steve's troubles with grasping things and cupping his hands, as you do when holding crackers or pills before putting them in your mouth. But  I suspect the doctor's answer would have been the same. Her recommendation is the Excelon patch, which has shown good effects, with patients who can still speak saying that it makes their heads feel "clearer." i checked out the FDA's report on it, and there are no side effects to be concerned with. And, it's one less pill to take, because a new patch is adhered to the upper or lower back on clean, dry skin. We'll pray that the "fuzziness" Steve used to mention (when he was able) is diminished!

We surely can see the validity of Job's statement in verse 14:1,

Man that is born of woman is of few days and full of trouble.

Life on this earth is full of trouble, just different troubles for different people! Dr. Sovory told me as we left, "You seem to handle the situation so pleasantly," and I replied, "It's the Lord," which she agreed to, but I truthfully added, "And I'm not always pleasant!" "You're human!" she laughed as we left.

Our day did have some delight in it, because we stopped in at my friend and neighbor Cindy's to see and hold her 5 week-old granddaughter--so dainty, cuddling up to me right away! And at the end of March, our new grandson Clark will be born. Life is wonderful, because God makes it so--despite all of the trials and sorrows we experience.

Christians loook to our eternal home in heaven, but God gives us abundant, joyous lives in the here and now!

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