Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The circle of encouragement

5:05 p.m. Today's project was to enjoy encouragement from sisters in the Lord, from two entirely different apects of my life.

I called one of my mentors early this morning, and she took a great amount of time out of her busy schedule to counsel, inform and strengthen me. She challenged me, too! Her wise words made it clear that there are issues to let go and issues to let lie. The second category calls for prayerful confrontation at a propitious time. The Lord's timing and direction are everything. I love the confidence we can have with the issues of life when we wait upon the Lord. We can say to our Jesus with Spirit-inspired confidence, as the Psalmist did in 119:26 (KJV),

It is time for thee, LORD, to work;
For they have regarded Thy law as void

...and let Him handle the matter by showing us what to do!

My spirits were much lifted, by good, godly words of counsel--not very different than I have used to counsel other women. But the need was mine today. And God met my need.

My morning went very smoothly, with a fun morning makeover class in Redlands. I've grown very fond of driving through San Timiteo Canyon past the horse ranches and orange groves to my home town. Even the long freight train that held me up didn't bother me on this beautiful day, made even more precious by the worship songs I was listening to on KSGN 89.7 FM.

After consuming my pack lunch on the way home, I had time to get to know my new consultant Bianca, since her roommates over at University Village were incredibly late for her party. Dropped off a party packet with another customer, had a little visit, picked up some eggs at Ralphs, and then came home to a rested and happy Steve, who'd spent the first hours of his day at Care Connexxus. At home he'd walked Jada with his caregiver and done some yard work. Our daughter Heidi even popped by before I got back, so that made a nice little surprise for Steve, too. Proverbs 10:22 says,

The blessing of the LORD makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it.

That's how I felt this afternoon, especially when two large and heavy boxes were delivered to my front door. One was our baby shower present for Clark, our newest grandson-to-be; and Bianca's New Consultant Kit from Mary Kay--it came in just two days! That box is filled with promise and challenge, fun and hard work--all gifts from the Lord to man(woman)kind. She was so excited that she rushed to my house to open it and practically jumped up and down to see all the contents--a business in a box!!

My second dose of encouragement came in the form of a handwritten note, fast becoming a rarity, according to a report from the US Postal Service. More's the pity--the curtain is coming down on the era of the kind of unique, personal communication that calls for an investment of time. Technology has a prominent place in my life, obviously, but to open a letter is a treat, as it is to write and send one. Happily, my kids, their spouses and significant others still write thank you notes and send letters!

This precious note came from a beautiful young mom who has her share of troubles--constant pain that some days threatens to keep her from lifting and caring for her baby son. Her blog, "Courage Does not Always Roar," is on my blog's reading list, and I check in with Stacy regularly.  She wrote that my attitude in our trial with Steve's illness encourages her, and that she prays for me often.

The prayers of others are my secret weapon--a weapon that's a secret to me, ironically-- used in my behalf when I have no idea it's even being wielded. No wonder my days have portions of joy in them! And my prayers and words lift others up too; so do yours, believer. Never think your prayers are not being heard and acted upon by your heavenly Father, because they are!

Encouragement comes full circle!

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