Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What if you're not a detail person? Day 1

2:46 p.m. Today's project was to finish paper details with Raincross for Steve's entrance on Saturday. I knew I needed to bring his long term care insurance policy and completed doctor forms.  Then I heard from the memory care director that I needed to bring a white folder full of more forms. Added to my part in the assessment that our insurance company will perform at the facility with Steve on Monday, there is a distinct possibility that there's a hand cramp in my future!

When I arrived at Raincross, there was a Big Band-era singer performing for the residents in the lobby while the staff passed out root beer floats, even offering a choice of sugar-free ice cream or sugar-free root beer! Or any combination thereof. Of course, this was the assisted living section, where residents come and go as they please. My destination was the office of the director of the memory care program, "Connections for Living," Ruthie. We had stacks to go through, and I brought all of my papers-- power of attorney, Steve's doctor report, TB test results, a personal profile and a signed and witnessed end--of--life form.  I would have zoned out completely with all of the numerical details, but this is about my husband's health and safety for the rest of his life, so I was attentive! (And the legal forms are required by the State of California).

Romans 13:1 tells us our duty as citizens is to follow the law and requirements of local civil authorities.

Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.

The next part is going to be more challenging. A discussion began of items I'd need to provide for Steve's room, so I asked to go over there. I'd planned to bring a queen-sized bed from a spare bedroom; the rocking chair he put together before we were married, that I rocked our babies in--the one no one uses now; toiletries, towels and washcloths, diapers, a huge old TV and stand, the radio he had as a bachelor; a night stand and some family and couple photos. Since there is laundry and linen service, I won't need to bring every item of clothing Steve owns. In fact, the resident packet emphasizes seasonal items.

When the director and I entered the room, I saw two chifferobes, roommate Bill's bed and large TV, two extra chairs that would be removed, and a space that might be too small for a queen bed. So my plan had to undergo a small change. No TV is needed, and there might not be room for the rocking chair on Steve's side of the room. When Ruthie and I went back to the office, I mentioned the measurement I'd taken of the bed I'm bringing: 55' x 78". So an assistant googled bed measurements, and found that a FULL bed is 54" x75", so hurray and thank you, Lord, the bed isn't as large as I'd thought. The extra inches, I figured out, were due to the layer of foam padding I'd added. The correct measurement was important for another item I'd need for the bed: a vinyl zip-around mattress enclosure.  Without knowing the correct kind of bed I had to work with, I would have been frantic otherwise--my blood pressure rises when I'm confronted with too many details. I tend to think that presenting and putting the the overall vision in place should be enough! Don't you love the Lord's calming, assuring promise to His people--and much needed for me-- in Isaiah 52:12?

For you shall not go out with
Nor go by flight;
For the LORD will go before you,
And the God of Israel will be your
  rear guard.

When I went to Kmart for the mattress enclosure, there was the Full size, with the same measurements as online. And at home, it fit perfectly. The bed linens that will travel separately to Raincross are being laundered, and the foam pad will be placed on top for Steve's comfort.

I even found a bag of Steve's "extra underwear" at the Goodwill for $11 less than it would have cost at a grocer's or a pharmacy!

Believer, when you have had a word from the Lord, even in times of uncertainty that you're doing the right thing, watch how Jesus goes before you to mow down the obstacles, and comes behind you to shore up your confidence while He destroys the works of the devil that would devour and diminish your good work.

What a wonderful God we serve!

Tomorrow: What if you're not a detail person? Day 2

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