Friday, December 7, 2012

This glitter is gold

7:06 Today's project is to put the finishing touches on my table for the Ladies Christmas Dinner at our church. many of us hostesses started setting our tables yesterday, and by 5:00 tonight, 40 tables will sparkle, shine and glitter with the lovely settings and the work of loving hands. We like to make it an outreach for the gospel, because, like our Heart to Home ministry, ladies who would not attend a church service will attend a special women's event.

Jesus told His disciples before He ascended,

Go into all the world and preach the gospel.

Last night, my daughters, a son-in-law and I sat with Steve at a gorgeous and very spiritual Christmas Show (really, a concert, with the staff , resident, and family talent displayed) at Raincross where Steve now resides in the memory care "Connections" section.  We were treated to traditional Christmas carols, some arranged in contemporary style; classical flute and piano piece by Hayden; an operatic solo; Christmas carols from the forties on piano; a solo of "O Holy Night," and a family ensemble, the great grand kids of a Connections resident couple, singing and playing a Contemporary Christian song. Refreshments were served, and those who cared to, had family pictures taken with Santa.

Steve was agitated and restless the whole time, but stayed in his seat as long as I kept quietly encouraging him and patting him arm to keep him still. He seemed to think he was in a wheelchair, because he kept trying to use his arms to push forward. Much as I inwardly grumble about my early morning workouts, my strong neck, arm and back muscles prevent a lot of soreness that could result from trying to keep Steve seated during daily visits! He enjoyed clapping with everyone, and even mouthed a line from "Silent Night" with everybody.

God is so gracious to give these precious moments to our family! 

The evening ended very pleasantly, as I ran into two old friends considering placement for their loved one at Raincross, which I highly recommend.

The kids pushed their dad back to the activity room, we said goodbye to Steve, and left. I am so glad to know that in this Senior Care complex, the gospel is openly preached in many ways, especially in the caring we family members receive. Many of the administrators and staff are Christians, and testify openly.

I believe St. Augustine said, "Preach the Gospel. If necessary, use words."


  1. Such good memories for the family. What a wonderful facility that Steve is now in.

    Hugs and prayers,

    1. Yes, Carol, God is so good!

      Praying for you and DH, that you would enjoy these good years now while you and he can still do a lot together.