Saturday, February 23, 2013

His hands on my hands

 His bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong
 by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob. Genesis 49:24

9:16 p.m. Today's project was to trust Jesus in all of my business, and see what He would accomplish. His handiwork was seen starting this morning, when He sent a new customer to the door to place a good cash order; in the professional training I received in a nearby city; and in the facial class of a mom and her two middle aged daughters in the home they bought together. As I was generous with my time and explanations, so they were generous with their orders.Thank you, Lord, for showing me the unique needs of each lady today!

The verse in Genesis and the concept it represents are found in the February 22nd morning devotional by Charles Spurgeon. The context is from dying Jacob's prophetic blessings on his twelve sons. The patriarch is speaking of Joseph in  v. 22-26. Spurgeon explains,

"God is represented as putting His hands on Joseph's hands, placing His arms on Joseph's arms.Like as a father teaches his children, so the Lord teaches them that fear Him. He puts His arms upon them. Marvellous condescension! God Almighty, Eternal, Omnipotent, stoops from His throne and lays His hand upon the child's hand, stretching His arm upon the arm of Joseph, that he may be made strong!"

I've experienced God's hands on mine this week, in small but momentarily daunting tasks like putting all of the plastic food containers into a cupboard space that didn't look large enough. But was big enough when the pieces were arranged and stacked correctly. This "Aha!" moment for me might sound like a "Duh!" moment to you, but God has called us to peace, amen? And He has distributed His gifts as the Holy Spirit has seen fit (I Corinthians 7:17, Romans 12:6-7). God has plainly not distributed spatial intelligence to me, as witnessed by my pathetic package-wrapping and car-backing skills! So when I make a go of a task that I really had little expectation of completing on my own, I know it's God's good pleasure to accomplish it with, through or for me!

Ahead of me is another tough task with a deadline included: to de-tangle a very fine silver chain on a necklace I've selected for my older daughter's birthday. My late husband Steve was perfect at this, and so is the daughter I'm giving it to. However, it's probably somewhat tacky to give someone a DIY birthday gift. Will God have me ask someone for help? Or will He patiently guide me in the project? I'll pray on it for sure!

What is God wanting you to do that is way out of your skill set or comfort zone? Go meet a new person for the purpose of sharing Christ with them? Speak out in a small Bible study group during sharing time? Lay hands on someone and pray with confident trust in God for their healing? Teach Sunday school? Give notice at work and stay home with your children? Go on a short term mission trip? Use your business acumen to heed God's call to become an administrative pastor? The possibilities are as multitudinous as they are varied and unique for each child of God!

None of us have all of the possible skills or gifts. We all fall short in one endeavor or another. We all need assistance, divine and human, in some areas of life. Will we trust God, and just go ahead and obey Him?

As Pastor Chuck Smith, founder of the Calvary Chapel movement, says, "Where God guides, He provides!"


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