Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Settling in

9:17 p.m. Today's project was to help my son, his wife, baby son and cocker spaniel get settled in at my house.Kriss, Marisela, 1 year-old Clark and spaniel Penny Lane arrived very late Sunday night, so Monday we were all getting adjusted, most of all, the baby and the dogs. My Jada was her usual self, as I stuck with her schedule, not a problem since she lives in the backyard for the most part. Penny, on the other hand, was experiencing an introduction to her new life as an outdoor dog. So we had a good amount of howling and whining, but today was much better!

I haven't moved since we bought this house in 1988, so I've forgotten how many life essentials a family needs to bring with them. Since I was expecting our fifth child the same week our new house was completed and ready for move-in, Steve forbade me from lifting a finger with the move--he did not want me going into labor until afterwards! A friend of the family cleaned the old house, and ladies from the Bible study helped me sort and pack. At age 13, our oldest son Sean was a huge help; and Steve's mom met us at this house to watch the kids. My mom and sisters-in-law came after Steven was born a week later. And my dad helped us out financially when big unexpected needs arose with the kids, on our single wage-earner budget. Proverbs 27:10 says,

Better is a neighbor that is near than a brother afar off, but I can truly say that Steve and I have always had unstinting, unselfish support from both friends and family. God brought us together, and made it good!

Today, while Kriss built shelves and we all juggled taking care of the baby, Marisela and I combined pantry space, kept fresher spices and threw out old ones (mostly mine), combined, stored and froze any excess fresh items. I made sure to get some canned goods into the Jeep for donating at church. Kriss and I devised a better "waste disposal" program for our furry friends in the backyard. I'm replacing my aluminum pans--shown to be one heavy metal that attaches to the brain of dementia-prone people--with her surgical steel set. Plans are afoot for completing the patio with short white fencing to keep Penny and Jada out when we want the baby to go out to play. And we enjoyed a mighty fine lime-chicken-and-rice dinner by Marisela too.

As the Lord would have it, the Disabled Veterans' charity donation collection truck will be coming in the morning. With all of the changes we have going on, we had much to clear out and give away! As the Apostles Peter, James and John charged the Apostle Paul after their convocation at Jerusalem:

They desired only that we should remember the poor, the very thing that I was eager to do (Galatians 2:10).

The life God desires for us to live is one of love, generosity and the sharing of talents with one another. In my house, as we settle in, we have the freedom to give, cooperate, be our best most of the time, and be forgiving when we aren't the people we want to be! Jesus said that if we don't forgive others, our Heavenly Father won't forgive us(Mark 11:26).

And I have a baby to cuddle! I was so blessed to have Clark doze in my arms last night, and then stretch out with his daddy nearby (see below). Multi-generational households haven't been the norm for the last few generations in America, although it's common practice around the world. With our poor economy now, families are pooling their resources and  mutually benefiting one another. My home is now a brighter, busier, and joyful place. Thank you, Lord, from this grateful widow!!

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