Wednesday, March 17, 2010


4:41 p.m. Today's project was to take care of pressing medical matters. Steve had a C-pap breathing machine class at 10:30 this morning, which we might have made on time if we hadn't gotten stuck behind two slow trucks on Chicago and then Spruce. Must be the Lord's discipline--I need to get going earlier! Actually, this usually prompt person hasn't been on time to anything since Daylight Savings Time started! Go figure. I have no idea why this is happening!

The class at Apria Healthcare was very professional, with the technician giving an overview of the machine's apparatus and then helping each person put the components together and try on the mask. Steve did very well in paying attention, watching how others made their adjustments, and letting me ask the questions. I also took notes and signed as his representative in all the appropriate places on the forms.

Steve's doctor had ordered a very high-tech machine for him, complete with a memory card that logs usage. It also automatically adjusts the pressure for altitude, so if we travel to our house in Wyoming at 7,000+ feet, no worries. AND THE MACHINE IS VIRTUALLY SILENT!! YES!!

From there, we went to Colton to Giant RV for a vent cover for the RV's bathroom fan. Still glorifying God and in a celebratory mood, we had a delicious lunch at Denny's, where I gave the waitress some Mary Kay samples, which she lovedl I had the tilapia lunch, with the most yummy "creamy ranchero" mashed potatoes on the side. (I am determined to make these at home. I talked the waitress into telling me what was in them, but she said I'd never be able to truly duplicate the dish. We will see about that!) Steve had his favorite, the huge barbeque burger with onion rings and Dr. Pepper.

We had to make a beeline for the Ralphs near us to pick up some items for the dinner I'm delivering tonight, and then it was a mad dash to my mammogram appointment at 2:15. (I did get there on time). My technician, after hearing of my cancer history, said disgustedly, "And now they're saying no mammograms under age 50, and then only every 4 years! And the vast majority of breast cancers appearing in women under 50!" Thinking that I might be treading on dangerous ground, I still took the chance and stated, "Well, we're 4 votes away from that happening to us right now!" I would have said, "Call your congressman," but praise the Lord he is already a No vote. What a world. Aren't you glad that Jesus said in John 16:33, "In the world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world"?
I love the teaching throughout scripture that no matter what the enemy of our souls, the devil, or human enemies here on earth--see Psalms 58 and 59 if you don't believe God's people have enemies--do to us, or more likely threaten to do to us, we have an mighty, overcoming God!! When we feel helpless or hopeless, He is with us. As He sees fit, He calls us to be there for one another, helping carry burdens, refreshing one another's spirits.
And that's what I'm on my way to do right now!!

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