Friday, January 28, 2011

By many or by few

3:12 p.m. Today's project was to accomplish as much as possible before turning our rental car back to Enterprise within 24 hours of borrowing it. I desperately needed the $300 deposit released back into our account, thus the determination. And of course, I didn't want to be charged for another day!
Yesterday, Enterprise picked us up at 3:30 and we rented a nice compact sedan for the price of a subcompact, because our salesperson didn't want to move other cars to get to the smallest one. Thank you, Lord! It was a bright red Hyundai, first time I'd ever been in one. It came with 1/4 tank of gas, so we filled it up for our trip to Cerritos to meet our son Kriss and his wife Marisela for dinner.We stopped by Vons for some badly needed groceries, did some banking, deposited the groceries at home, and hit the road.
During that time, Steve and I got the disappointing news from the dealer repairing our Jeep that they would be painting it today; therefore, "we'll be looking at Monday for it to be done." I was polite, of course, but wanted to say, I'm done! "Done" with being carless for a week and a half! Oh well.
Sometimes you do the Charlie Brown sigh...and just go on with your day. I had some products I wanted Marisela to try, since she is quite a talented makeup artist, helping glamorize others for fun, and will be doing Heidi's wedding face. (I always throw in a little Mary Kay business!) We had a wonderful time at BJ's and got home around 10:30.
This morning dawned very brightly, with a $60 credit card sale by phone. A friend was home from work, on the mend from a bad cold, and needed some product. She'll pick it up when she gets better. PTL! Now my day of making the best of a few hours with a rental car began!
After Steve's caregiver came over, I left for the hair salon, and picked up some future orders. From there, stopped home to get Steve's lunch started and sign the caregiver's timesheet.
Leaving again, I bought broccoli plants, spinach and carrot seeds and potting soil at Parkview Nursery, stopped at Ralphs for coffee creamer, unloaded my Mary Kay products at home, and picked up Steve. Whew! I was on a roll--speaking of which, I heated up some leftover chicken spring rolls from BJ's and ate them as we headed for Fantastic Sams in Mission Grove. There I left some catalogs and a sample of handcream at a stylist's request.
The final stop before turning in the car was Alin Party Supply to pick up Heidi's wedding invitations, which were very well done and gorgeous (and leave samples with both the male and female bridal section clerks)! You just never know who will call!
Enterprise Rental Car at last! Steve carried the box with invitations and I went up to the desk, greeting the guy who checked us out yesterday, but being helped by a nice girl. I mentioned that we had brought the car in with 1/4 tank more gas that we'd had when we picked it up, and they assured me of a voucher for that. "I'm have a business myself, so I always try to get a deal!" and we all had a laugh. I gave eye shadow samples to the three gals there. The young lady quickly volunteered to drive us home after refunding our deposit, and on the way asked about the Mary Kay business. She had tried some products, needed two items, her source in Wisconsin no longer carries her products, and she ended up coming into the house, buying one item and ordering another!
So much for having a down week because of lack of my Jeep! Even on Tuesday, a surprise product payment came my way while I was busy helping my scrapbooking instructor with the Heart to Home ministry.
As I reflected with tears of joy on my $110 week, a wonderful scripture came to mind, I Samuel 14:6b, when Jonathan reassured his armorbearer just before the two of them routed a garrison of Philistines:
Nothing restrains the LORD from saving by many or by few.

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