Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And so we wait...

8:57 p.m. Today's project was to continue my study notes and begin writing my Bible study for Thursday. We'll be discussing I Samuel 20, where David awaits word from his friend Jonathan as to the state of King Saul's mind toward him. Jonathan states that his father would have told him if he had evil intentions toward David; but David is not convinced, and is rightfully wary of Saul's previously demonstrated murderous jealousy. "There is but one step between me and death," he declares in verse 3.

It was a tense 3 days, I would imagine, as David waited for the inevitable bad news that he must run for his life. With vows of loyalty and a renewal of the covenant between them, Jonathan and David part ways and David becomes an outlaw, though innocent of any wrongdoing.

Several believers I know are awaiting news that will be life changing, for better or worse. One couple is waiting on a signature from one manager that will determine whether they can complete the sale of their home. (And the person just left it on his desk the last few days, unsigned)! Another friend is awaiting Social Security approval, though she has been disabled for a number of years. Still another is waiting for results of an MRI, CT scan, and blood tests. These matters are worrisome, and the consequences are huge if the answers are undesirable or even devastating...

Steve and I are waiting for funds to make our house payment and pay other bills, thanks to a blown transmission and our dogs needing to be retrieved from the County Animal Shelter (Steve left the gate open one afternoon). On a less critical note, I am waiting to see if this year's garden is going to produce full-sized vegetables, or should we just stop the costly irrigation and strenuous hours of work, shovel it under and start again next year with Garden Number 4?

After 10 years of running, David did become king of Israel after the deaths of Saul and Jonathan, and the defeat of their loyalists. And God has proved faithful to my family and me over the last 31 years; He has never failed me. It was a 7-year wait after having a 1 millimeter cancer removed from my breast before I could get life insurance at a normal price; and 24 years before a hand-typed Bible study of Galatians became a published book. If you are under the age of 24 I guess that gives you some perspective on waiting for the Lord's timing!

Weight loss, finishing college and grad school, changing the Riverside school board's education policy, my kids becoming adults, achieving career steps in the education profession and in my current Mary Kay business, seeing my Galatians study sold nationwide and used in church groups-- all have taken or are currently taking time. There is no sense fretting, because God knows what He has in mind for each of us. And so we wait...

I am happy to report that unlike David, no one is hunting me down to kill me, but Alzheimer's is daily killing my husband's comprehension, confidence, coordination and cheer. He is still trying to keep up with his daily tasks, but he's giving up a little faster, and is more hesitant to try new things than before. Morning disorientation is becoming more frequent and his enjoyment of social situations is slipping along with his speech, which had been improving the last few months. Thankfully and praise God, we are as close as ever, and I wouldn't trade my early retirement for anything. The last two years have been precious! God has given us so much to be thankful for!

While lack of patience is pretty much a trait of my task- and goal-oriented personality, Steve's disease progression towards complete loss of memory and recognition of loved ones is one benchmark I am willing to wait for as long as possible!

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