Monday, October 3, 2011

Early call

3:25 p.m. Today's project was to enjoy our grandsons' company and perhaps take them on an outing after my visit to the chiropractor. Being teenagers, the boys were asleep for quite a while after we got up at 7:30. The dogs went out, Steve had taken his meds, eaten his daily banana, was showering and I had begun my devotions, when the doorbell rang--loudly.

I thought it was my shipment of products, which wasn't likely since I'd placed the order just on Friday. I peeked out the front window, and didn't see a package. Not in any condition to go to the door in my sundress-looking nightgown, I climbed halfway up my stairs and looked out and down through the crescent class above the door and saw the top of the head of a caregiver!! I yelled, "just a minute," Tyrone's familiar voice said "OK," and I ran up to our room to slip on a shirt. Yikes! What could I have been doing, requesting a caregiver for a Monday morning when my only plan had been to take Steve with me to the chiropractor, 40 minutes round trip?

It was time to think fast, and faithful as He always is, the Lord popped an idea into my head: Steve and Tyrone could walk the dogs! So I had Steve put on the appropriate jeans and shoes, and let Tyrone in. I made Steve a piece of toast, they got the leashes and off they went. Later, the men and our grandson Adrian put in a couple hours in the garden tearing out the tomatillo plants that took over the north end of the garden, just like the Jolly Green Giant green bean vine had taken over the south end. Meanwhile, the normal Monday routine of organizing finances, my Alzheimer's walking team, returning calls and emails went right on. Our younger grandson came down, ate his cereal and made enough egg salad to last him a few days. Since we had harvested dozens of tomatillos, I made up 2 quarts of green salsa, with homegrown onions and chile peppers in it. Yum!

The caregiver got in a decent amount of hours, which I felt he should, whether it was mine or the agency's mistake, and lunch plans proceeded. I did receive a package--a brand new Freedom Alert pendant 911 calling system. The one I purchased last year just up and quit last week. Steve and I put the new one together, and I'm wearing the pendant now. While up in our room, I received a call from a customer requesting prayer for her granddaughter, who is facing major surgery on a tumor in her leg. The dear lady made sure to let me know I could drop off her blush on the porch when it came in. I have such sweet customers, so many of them trusting Christ as I do!

As I went through the financials, I determined that I'd better book some new facials and parties, and I got a Facebook message from a friend who did just that! Steve and I will be meeting her at six to give her her hostess packet and gift for the 14th! Thank you, Lord.

The boys were hoping to spend some time with Heather and Nick, and just about an hour ago, heather contacted them about taking them out to dinner. After a weekend with their other auntie, Heidi, they will get to continue the family fun.

Rescheduling appointments, making new ones, and quickly adjusting to Steve's need for direction and assistance are what today was about. But what has really struck me is God's providential rescheduling for each of our needs. And one need I'd given up on was provided as well--no need for the chiropractor today--because my back is so much better!! Psalm 5:11-12 says,

Let all those rejoice who put their

trust in You;

Let them ever shout for joy,

because You defend them;

Let those who love Your name

Be joyful in You.

For You, O LORD, will bless the


With favor You will surround him as

with a shield.

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