Friday, October 28, 2011

A huge goal

9:31 p.m. Today's project was to attend the Israel 2013 trip meeting this evening at our church, Calvary Chapel of Moreno Valley. It took lots of planning and last-minute rearrangement of Steve's care, and I'd had a huge day before the meeting even began.

The original plan for today called for an appointment for Steve at our Medicare provider Care-More, then my hair appointment at 10:00. Neither appointment took place, because I had the wrong Friday in mind--costing us an half hour of sleep unnecessarily, drat!--and because last evening, I realized that getting my hair done the day before an early morning, damp air Alzheimer's walk on Saturday was a dumb idea! So I rescheduled both items for Monday, with a facial for a new customer sandwiched in between.

Did that quiet down my day? Hardly! Devotions and Bible study laid a firm ground on which to walk, thankfully. As I Timothy 6:19 says, Christians should be:

...storing up for themselves a good foundation for the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.  

Speaking of walking, since I needed to borrow a "normal to dry" moisturizer from one of my consultants who lives a couple blocks down, I had Steve saddle up Jada, and off we went. Our street is hilly, so that uphill climb at the end did me good. Maybe that was a little warm-up for tomorrow's Walk to End Alzheimer's. That's 2 miles around a regional park--review due tomorrow! 

We ran over to Ralphs for a roll of paper towels, and got ready for our 11:15 visitors, Linda and Lisa, who not only whipped up a delicious Chinese chicken salad for the four of us, but helped me complete my necklaces from the Heart to Home class we had a couple Tuesdays ago.  What sweet sisters! Steve kept busy mowing the lawns until he thought something broke, but we were about finished by that time any way.

I had to hastily arrange caregiving for Steve after he had major struggles yesterday, so I cancelled plans to take him to my dad's while I worked the Mary Kay booth. Daddy, at 84,  is just not capable of watching or tending to Steve while he's experiencing breakdowns and personal difficulties. Brightstar was good about scheduling one of their CNAs, who actually arrived at 2:30, half an hour early, so I could get her and Steve started on their "official" walk with Jada, and I could quickly change for my event, get gas, and go in horrible traffic to Redlands.  

Our booth was a magnetic dart game, with moms filling out entries for a free facial and to win a basket of products. Their kids got a candy and three tries at a bullseye. Cara and I each received 5 leads in two hours, and by 6:15 had packed up all of our supplies, then took them to our sales director's home. Then as darkness was falling, I had to take Alessandro, the road that leads into San Timiteo Canyon, and made quite a few turns on the way to finding it among the unlit streets of the nicest part of Redlands. I put in a call to Pavel, figuring that Heidi would be driving in the evening, but by the time she called me back, I was already in the Canyon.

Praise the Lord for answering my nervous prayers! I arrived at church 10 minutes early for the 7:00 meeting, for good reason. I was to meet a new customer who was to attend the Spanish Bible study at the same time. The Lord is so good. Earlier this week, when we were setting up a time for me to deliver her foundation, it was revealed that we go to the same church. God is so good. So it was perfectly natural for us to have a big hug upon parting, one happy customer and one happy pink lady!

The decision to go to Israel is one Steve and I had prayed about our entire marriage, but kids and more kids, work, drivers' licenses, cars, and higher education for said 5 kids poured forth, and before you know it, 30 years have gone by, and Steve wouldn't be able to travel now, let alone in a couple of years. I regret that, but at least we have taken many beautiful trips together around this country, including twice to Hawaii, and an Alaskan cruise, something Steve had always desired to do.   Heidi and Pavel are planning to go as well. March 2013 is the date. And May 2012 is the final payment on the total of $3950--what?!

I am a person who needs a really big goal to work for, not just prizes and extra monthly income from my business, although on the way to meeting my goal, those will be earned, too! Thus I made a sale and made plans to book two other ladies, and after the meeting my friend Deena told me she's coming to the party I'm holding next Friday. I can earn the money--God is in this business for me! He is bringing phone calls for new orders and re-orders, adding team members this quarter, and will bless my hard work. As I pulled out of the parking lot after kissing Heidi good night, I was actually a bit shaky as I affirmed to a couple of friends that I  can earn the money, above and beyond household expenses. I also received wise encouragement from my Sales Director Laurie, who didn't demand that my big goal be a Mary Kay ranking, though that will come too.  She wisely realizes that my type of person has to have a spiritual goal to keep me motivated to work my business consistently. 

Also, having a big, busy goal will fend off depression and dread that could take over as my husband rapidly loses so many of his abilities.  God is here for me in ways I know I need, and ways that will become apparent as I walk forward, following Him . 

Well, walking will be a theme for tomorrow, so I'll sign off to get some rest before our 5:30 wake-up call!!

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