Thursday, October 20, 2011


9:44 p.m. Today's project was to work my Mary Kay business all day, in a focused, intentional and deliberate way. Steve had been picked up by the Special Trans Senior & Disabled bus to go to his adult daycare activity center, so I organized all of the profile cards and sales slips that applied to my party last Friday night, and met my hostess at a Starbucks in Moreno Valley. She had mentioned an interest in perfumes, so I brought samples and beautifully wrapped bottles of fragrance, along with my full inventory case.

Along the way, practical suggestions like, "You have a moment to stop at Winco" would cross my mind, but then I countered with, "Not with all this inventory in the car and the store and parking lot so huge! That's asking for theft." I had a small list of needed items, but then reminded myself that I had enough oats for Steve to have a huge bowl of oatmeal tomorrow morning--it's been chilly and foggy in the mornings lately anyway, so why buy cereal? Also, Jada had enough dog food, and I could make it with the coffee I already had in my canister for one more day!

In Numbers 20:17, Moses sent this message to the king of Edom asking for permission to travel through his land:

We will go along the King's Highway; we will not turn aside to the right hand or to the left until we have passed through your territory.

With Holy Spirit direction and absolute purpose, I was "walking along the King's highway" to conduct my business follow-ups in a professional manner befitting a woman of her word. My hostess had been promised an appointment to see the product discounts she had earned, with one party booking tomorrow at a follow-up appointment with one of her guests, and a makeover follow-up with another guest on Saturday. So she sat down, and while I ordered chai green tea for her and a pumpkin latte for me, she graciously filled out an interview sheet about becoming a Mary Kay consultant. It turned out that she is not interested at this time, but we talked for quite a while; I took the time to get to know her hopes and aspirations. She selected her discounted and free products, and referred me to a friend who she thinks would be wonderful in my business, and recommended two sisters to schedule facials with. And she was volunteering comments on the positive aspects of my career herself! I asked her to keep me posted on the job she is interviewing for. If that is what the Lord has for her for the time being, I pray she gets it. If not, maybe she could join my team! She bought a number of items, and was very happy with the savings her party had made possible as we hugged and parted. Thank you, Lord, for answering prayers I wrote out at 6:30 this morning!

I had received a disappointing and sad phone call earlier this morning, that a facial customer had to cancel again because of a second week with the flu in her home! We'll re-book. But the Lord had this covered also, as I prayed for her family's healing. Whereas I would have been rushed to finish a 9:45 appointment in order to leave for a 11:00 appointment in Riverside, I had plenty of time with the hostess, and it will definitely benefit both of us, and the friends who book their own parties. We serve an all-knowing God, whose timing is impeccable!

On the way home, a more enticing temptation entered my mind: "Stop at Michael's to select a picture frame for Heidi's bridal portrait!" But I wanted to get right home, let Jada out of her crate, and get to booking other customers for follow-ups and first-time facials. And get on the phone I did, keeping in mind that I need to add at least one new member to my team to move to the Team Leader position, where I can begin building toward earning a car. This month there is a promotion on a new consultant starter kit for only $75, so it's prime time to contact new and old customers. I did take breaks to play with Jada, water the garden, and take care of some women's ministry details for Heart to Home. So I wasn't a total "Johnny one-note," but I wasted no time either. A nutritious lunch bolstered my energy and I kept on going.

Toting up what I needed to fill each order from last Friday's spa party and new orders coming in, I placed an online order. And to keep myself current with our product line, I studied the e-catalog that customers can access from my website. Then, Ding-Dong!

Praise the Lord! It was my Mary Kay order, delivered in only two days! Now I could sort through and pack up the gals' orders, and call a few of them to make delivery --and payment--arrangements. Most had already paid me, so I felt I needed to get them their orders as quickly as possible, in good faith.

Steve returned, having had a good day, and went out to clean up the backyard and visit with Jada. But it was soon time to go to the credit union and then to Steve's neurologist's office.

Studying my product line came in handy when I had about 10 text messages from a customer about the Miracle Set. (Having a catalog on hand while waiting at Steve's neurologist's office helped too)!

We didn't receive any new information from the EEG; Steve's brain waves are moving more slowly than in a normal person. That would account for the delays in processing verbal information, just what I've learned in class and by experience. But the doctor did tactfully mention that Steve is now in mid-to-late stage Alzheimers. I was pleased that she didn't disapprove of my cutting up pills and adjusting his dosage of 23 milligram experimental Aricept down to about 11 milligrams. The drug is just not helping slow anything about Steve disease. And the amount and regimen of anti-spasm med Clonezapam I've devised for Steve is a good one, too. Glad I didn't get into trouble!

But the Lord wasn't done blessing me yet!

At the end of the visit, Dr. Sovory asked for a copy of Galatians:An Exploration of Faith and Freedom, so she could do the lessons in the morning before coming to work!! She's a believer!! I knew we both liked her right away. So I took Steve with me back to the car and we got a copy, I autographed it to her, and she's mailing me a check.

We rushed home, I fixed Steve's dinner and I ate two delicious cold roasted chicken drumsticks and a string cheese, and ran upstairs to get dressed for our Thursday Nights Together unit meeting. I heard the caregiver arrive just as I headed downstairs. I had a moment to greet her, kiss Steve goodbye, deliver a large order and pick up a check. Then it was off to the meeting, where I was recognized for a $300 week last week, and my $120 day today was noted and praised. Others do much more than that daily, of course, but it was great for me.

My commitment to working my business diligently all day, while not neglecting my husband, dog, home responsibilities or church ministry paid off! May the Lord grant me the courage, patience and heart to be CONSISTENT in blessing and leading women!

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