Friday, October 7, 2011

"The lights are never all going to be green."

6:54 p.m. Today's project was to attend "IE Synergy" in Rancho Cucamonga , a Mary Kay Director's meeting that I was privileged to attend, qualifying as a Red Jacket STAR Team Builder. I added two new members on my team in the month of September.

I jokingly told my friend Cindy, "I'm just writing off the entire month of September!" because of the severe sciatica that had my left side in pain from my hip to my ankle. Bed-and couch-ridden much of the time, it was Vicodin by night, Advil and a cane by day. Walking was horrendous, and chiropractor adjustments gave little relief. Gradually Advil PM worked well enough at night, and Bayer Extra strength helped get me through the day. Chiropractor adjustments were making a difference.

What I truly relied upon were the prayers of my Bible study women on Thursday morning as we finished the book of I Samuel. Our hostess Malinda made sure I had a low stool to put my foot up on, and we soldiered on. But it was hard to stay energetic during the day from the broken sleep I was experiencing. Only the Lord kept me going. But I never missed a Mary Kay training except the week I took Steve to a meeting on emergency procedures for caregivers of the disabled. I learned to trust the truth of Psalm 18:28-29 for the physical ability and mental strength to grow my business and encourage my team members and recruits daily:

For by You I can run against a


By my God I can leap over a wall.

I didn't even realize how hard my life had become in many ways, because I got help from Steve to load and unload my product travel case, and had him join me at facial appointments and at one MK meeting. I was determined to keep my selling appointments to restore my inventory and help support our living expenses. Parties yielded further bookings and that led to modest or even wonderful sales. I wasn't sure I could stand for the better part of three hours at our booth at the Moolala Boutique in Redlands, but God gave me the ability to wear high heels and stand intermittently. Praise Him! Psalm 18:31-34

For who is God, except the LORD?

And who is a rock, except our


It is God who arms me with


And makes my way perfect.

He makes my feet like the feet of


And sets me on my high places.

He teaches my hands to make


So that my arms can bend a bow

of bronze.

The leads I received from working that booth are now giving me facial, party, and makeover appointments! What if I had let fear overcome me?

Just when I thought I'd turned a corner on my left side as the pain diminished, the right side of my lower back became violently painful! The chiropractor and the doctor agreed--from favoring my left side for two three weeks, the right side began to flare up.

But there was no letting up on my momentum, so I wrote out 60 postcards to begin a pre-holiday sale; put together a charitable hand cream donation plan for businesses, and called my preferred customers as I added new ones. Getting back into my Red jacket with 5 team members was my stated goal, and I made the new rank with four. That's more team members than I've ever had before. So look out, ladies, I WILL recruit and help team member #5 start a lucrative skincare and color cosmetics business.

As the month ended, I achieved my Red Jacket goal, and am booking more appointments than ever before at one sitting. Psalm 18:35-36:

You have also given me the shield

of Your salvation;

Your right hand has held me up,

Your gentleness has made me


You enlarged my path under me,

So my feet did not slip.

I'm reviewing and looking back, but really looking forward to a great recruiting month with a $75 starter kit worth $400. My pain is drastically lessened, although I still use a heating pad at bedtime and first thing in the morning; I stand up to type this blog at my kitchen counter, and sit as seldom as possible each day. But life has a lot of road bumps and red lights, as you can surely testify from your own life. I quote a card I received this morning at Synergy, "The lights are never all going to be green." But God is still in the heavens, He cares incredibly deeply and personally for His people, and that gives me comfort and confidence to go forward to meet my goals in every area of life. I'll close with Psalm 18:46:

The LORD lives!

Blessed be my Rock!

Let the God of my salvation be


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  1. Amazing. I found I had to take two days off to recover from my cold and to be WITH my husband.