Friday, December 23, 2011

Caring connexxus

7:48 p.m. Today's project was to gather the wrapped Mary Kay gifts our Legacy unit had prepared, and meet colleague Cara at Care Connexxus. That's the adult daycare program Steve attends on Wednesdays so I can research and write my next book on the way Alzheimer's has affected our lives from a Christian perspective. It was such a blessing when Laurie, our sales director, made this a unit-wide Christmas project, with Cara in the lead, to donate Mint Bliss foot cream to the participants!

Our day at home started off roughly, with a snafu at Special Trans, but the bus did come to pick Steve up and take him to the center by 8:45. That gave me time to get all dressed up for the Christmas party that would start when "Santa" arrived at 10:00. Cara and I were there around 9:30, and had a very pleasant visit with Rita, the Activities Director. Later as we talked, she asked to look at a copy of my book, Galatians: An Exploration of Faith & Freedom, which she may use for her new devotional starting in January. I suppose we made good use of our time, because Santa was quite late! But in the large assembly room, the aides and attendees were singing Christmas carols quite vigorously, so all was well. Psalm 150:6 says,

Let all that has breath praise the LORD.

And that includes disabled adults!

I gave the gifts to Rita to go ahead and place under the Christmas tree as she thought best, and sat on a couch in the small sitting room after Cara had to get back home. A friend called me and related the most amazing story: a nephew of hers came out of a 50-day coma due to the vehement, tearful intercessory prayers of a total stranger who heard through about him through a network of text messages! God told her to pray like she'd never prayed before, and in obedience, she fell to her knees and began. Later, she felt compelled to travel to meet the young man, and offer living proof that many, many people cared about him. He now knows that suicide is not the answer--Jesus' love is! As Jesus was born and lived in flesh and blood to save us from our sins, He puts His love into flesh and blood people to share with the hurting and lost.

I went to the couch where my husband was sitting and joined him as the party started. He was relating to and enjoying the event, and miling and speaking to friends. The wheelchair-bound people were brought up first for a picture with Santa and to receive their gifts from the center and from us; then the ambulatory lined up. I was proud and happy to be at Steve's side as he hesitantly (at first) shook hands with the Santa, and then sat down for a picture to be taken. I took a few pictures myself, and Rita mentioned that I'd brought some gifts, just quietly to Santa. Steve and I then left so he could spend the rest of the day with me.

The amazing events--call them a God thing or a miracle--continued, as we pulled up into our driveway. There, lo and behold, was our old neighbor Helen Luckinbill, puliing into our driveway at the same time! She bought her home when we bought ours 23+ years ago! Now 81, she was out and about to do some Christmas shopping. So I invited her in to have some tea and persimmon cookies, catch up with each other's lives, and of course, see my gift collection of perfumes, all wrapped beautifully by a friend. Helen proceeded to buy almost $90 worth of gifts, a godsend in a lean, lean week!

Steve had gone upstairs to nap, but Helen and I had the best time, and she went on her way rejoicing, and I was certainly delighted as well!We'll get together at her home in San Jacinto after the first of January.

I have no idea how Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after will flow together, all taking place here in our home, but God is in the path-smoothing, way-making business as He showed me today. So I'll close with the ending of Psalm 150:6:


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