Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Can't keep up!

5:13 p.m. Today's project was to try to keep up with God, and it's a daunting task! When God's on the move in your life, put on your spiritual running shoes! Even when you're prayed up, studied up, and looking up, He's infinite eons ahead of you. When the Holy Spirit speaks, get ready to move!

After Steve left on his bus to Care Connexxus, I prayed over our day with my friend Cara and then took the Jeep in for a fluid check-up and oil change. While there, the sorry condition of a couple of my tires was pointed out, so I was persuaded to replace the worst one, since I'm traveling to Fresno after an overnight in Pasadena for our annual Mary Kay Career Conference.  The dealer didn't have the exact tire, so I agreed to come back at 1 p.m. to have it installed.

Meanwhile, I attended the Alzheimer's/Dementia Caregivers' Support Group that meets monthly at the Riverside County Office of Aging. I came very close to skipping it, but since I'd rsvp'd, keeping my word was the right thing to do. Truthfully, a part of me dreads the support group, because some of our newer members' situations are so heart-wrenching. I find that we all have a tendency to desire positive experiences if possible--I know I do. But my determination is to bring an uplifting attitude with me as a witness for Christ, while still sharing truthfully about our very difficult situation. II Corinthians1:4 speaks of

...the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort by which we ourselves are comforted by God.

But God had something amazing for me (or for Steve and me)! A Dr. Welebir from a clinic in Loma Linda, CA that runs many clinical trials was our speaker. She educated us on the drugs that are commonly used, like Aricept and Namenda, and the many others that pharmaceutical companies are constantly inventing and need to move into the human trial phase of their research. As she heard Steve's history and experiences, and how the Lord is having me cope and go forward despite our circumstance, Dr. Welebir said a couple of times, "I like your attitude!" "It's the Lord," I replied, an answer that has become second nature!

You might recall that a month ago TO THE DAY, Steve and I were headed to Newport Beach for a consultation for a different clinical trial but I got so sick that we'd missed the appointment by the time I woke up at my sister-in-law's house. I applied again, but have received no answer. I would have to conclude that it wasn't the clinical trial God wanted for us. He always has a plan, the plan that is best for us!

Psalm 48:14 promises,

For this is God,
Our God forever and ever;
He will be our guide
Even unto death.

After the meeting, I immediately called the clinic. Steve is scheduled for a consultation appointment a week from Friday. Loma Linda is a lot closer to Riverside than Newport! He is not to change any of his medications unless and until he is accepted into the trial. And there is no guarantee of that, for those of you are praying and praying for a chance for Steve to have his disease reversed. Dear friends, please keep praying!

Before getting into my car, I checked with the dealership and the tire hadn't arrived as promised by 1 p.m. The technician said he would call when the tire came in. Ok, so I went on to the CVS drugstore and purchased some B-complex and a prescription for Steve. Thought I'd call my dad who follows research happenings with Alzheimer's He was quite pleased with our news. At the mention of buying a tire, Daddy said, "Stay away from those dealerships! Their markup is huge." and recommended a small wheel and tire dealer. I made an appointment for tomorrow morning!

I really had to admire God's split-second timing! If that dealership tire had been ready on time, I would not have saved all the money I will realize tomorrrow. Thanks to my dad, but thanks above all to the Lord who spoke to me somehow to call my earthly father to begin with!

But that left the onerous job of cancelling the tire I'd asked the dealership to get for me. They had left a voicemail after my lower priced tire installation was scheduled, so as a Christian, I had to make a call and honestly tell the technician that I'd found a cheaper tire service. He was let down, but understood. I'm a loyal customer, and I will be back for other services in the future.

A whirlwind day of amazement in the Lord's timing and direction has wound down along with the sun. As of today, Steve is still very confused, and I still have three tires to replace. But if God has provided an open door to trying a new drug for Steve, and saved me money I can use for home expenses and my trip to Fresno without me doing anything, I give Him all the glory and trust Him for even more mighty works in our family's behalf!

God's favor in my life today is just like my salvation: I did nothing to earn it--Jesus Christ accomplished it all, once and for all, by his death on the cross. Becoming a Christian is the first step to a life of small, medium and massive miracles. Won't you accept Christ as your Savior today?

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