Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pleasant prospects

10:26 p.m. Today's project was to lead my women's Bible study group at our church after an eventful morning that saw Steve knock over break his favorite coffee mug, a gift from the kids that showed a smattering of cartoon tools and read:


It was a mess of coffee everywhere that the caregiver cleaned up while I was upstairs getting ready to go. No one stepped on glass, so no harm done. I'll miss that mug, though, with the memory of the kids in their tween years, showing appreciation for their dad.

In our Bible study group, we had plenty of time for whole-group and small group prayer, as well as an icebreaker calling for the revelation of something unusual that people weren't likely to know about each of us. It was fun to get to know one another with facts like"They couldn't find a boy in 4th grade to memorize the Gettysburg address, so I had to play Abraham Lincoln in a school play." (That was yours truly). On a more spiritually productive note, one of our group members revealed that she is in training to be a hospital chaplain. What an opportunity to impact the lost, damaged and dying! Going to those in need reminds me of Nehemiah 8:10:

Send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared.

While this directive to share food is part of a proclamation of a holiday for those rebuilding the walls and city of Jerusalem, I see that we can "send portions" to those hurting in many ways. This morning my group members blessed me with favor and encouragement after I'd had a very difficult evening with Steve Monday night. We handed our 3"x 5" prayer request cards around to intercede for one another throughout the next week, fulfilling the commandment of James 5:16b, to

...pray for one another, that you may be healed.

In an uplifted frame of mind after Bble study, I drove to my neighborhood to eat my pack lunch on a shady street before my 1:30 facial appointment with an old friend. I get tempted to just buy lunch when I'm out all day, but I encourage myself to be thrifty by saying, "For every dollar you save by not eating out, you can______________________"(fill in the blank with an more needed or valuable item or goal). 

The Lord keeps my prospects pleasant and my heart soaring above our dreadful circumstances, instead of dragging my knuckles in the devil's dirt of discouragement. I have some good plans coming about for this week and next: a visit from our grandsons; and a play date for Heidi's Sammy and Jazzlyn, with our Jada, set for Thursday. My younger daughter will be popping in from her nearby office for lunch.

The boutique I am hosting for April 14th is gathering more and very professional vendors, thank You, Lord! And Heart to Home's jewelry class was going beautifully as I left them making their necklaces. (I'd been there to open in prayer and give the devotional, but had already taken the class last Christmas season).

My life is not easy, but it is often joyful and always blessed. In fact, I'll be joining a caregivers' support group session tomorrow with others who also cope with Alzheimer's disease in their families. My prayer is to be able to encourage the others, especially those who have not opened the door to the strength and encouragement that only the  Lord Jesus Christ can give.

As I've quoted in the past, and still feel is so apt for one who trusts God, Psalm 16:6 says,

The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places;
Yes, I have a good inheritance.

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