Friday, March 30, 2012

Rebuilding inch by inch

4:12 p.m. Today's project was to watch Steve inch back from the precipice of losing all of his abilities due to Alzheimer's Disease.

In the last months, Steve has struggled with caring for himself, even struggling with eating simple meals like a serving of casserole that he could use a soup spoon with if necessary. Hamburgers, his all-time favorite food, had to be ruled out--he'd be pulling out the meat patty or lettuce, or cheese and chewing on the bun. Spills, which I didn't mind cleaning up, were constant, but while sitting at his side, I could place the food back on his plate. When I'd glance at my own plate to take a bite, I'd then turn my head and see him scooping nothing off the table, or struggling to pick up a single grain of rice. When he began sticking his fingers directly into his food, it was a very hard struggle for me emotionally, because he's always been such a meticulous person in every area of life. But changes were coming, and coming fast. I just had to trust the Lord with my husband. And God has been wonderfully faithful to do as He has promised--to be with me at all times (Hebrews 13:5).

But amazingly, God has done much more! In giving me fellowship with my children, friends in my group at Bible study and in the Piecemakers and Heart to Home ministries, as well as new and continuing Mary Kay customers, I've actually had joy and fun in the midst of tragedy! And infinitely more skilled than the best of us multi-taskers, God is doing all of this all at once! Special time with my youngest son in Fresno over the weekend; and an afternoon in Long Beach with my second son, his wife and new baby have not cut into my business at all--in fact, this will be one of my most profitable weeks, it looks like. And He sent us a renter for whom I've been praying for months! Only God could have given me what Isaiah 61:3 describes for the people of Zion :

To give them beauty for ashes,
The oil of joy for mourning,
The garment of praise for the
  spirit of heaviness;
That they may be called trees of
The planting of the LORD, that
  He may be glorified.

And now came a wonderful surprise this morning. Our caregiver reported excitedly as he got Steve settled down for breakfast, "Steve was being very independent today! He bathed himself, and brushed his own teeth without help!" Improvements continued at breakfast, too, with Steve picking up his coffee cup more steadily, and eating his toast and cereal nicely.

After his return from Care Connexxus, Steve and his caregiver gave Jada a bath while I packed up my Jeep for a large spa party tonight and rested from a hectic--but good--day of business. Steve's balance seemed to be improved also, but I didn't view any remarkable developments. He did find humor in a Looney Tunes video on YouTube and was laughing and trying a little dance.

For those seeking "practical" or physical reasons for improvement, there are several items I could mention: I started Steve back on 10 mg of Aricept, once a doctor told me that drug could coexist with the Exelon patch; from our son's organic market Lassens, we are using curcumin, the spice found in curry, more aggressively; adding Gotu Kola drops to his applesauce in the morning, and Pharma Gaba chewables; and I was reminded to resume B-Complex tablets for blood circulation. We have already been using coconut oil and  PS.

Lots of "means"  involved here, and there is no telling which of them are making a difference. But at this late stage, I am trying them all! But I believe in miracles also--direct acts of God in  situations that defy human explanation.

Inching back to his former self, even his former self of a few months ago would be like Isaiah 61:4 describes of restoration:

And they shall rebuild the old
They shall raise up the former
And they shall repair the ruined
The desolations of many

Any rebuilding, raising up and repair from this generational disease of Alzheimer's in the Kruckenberg family will truly be "the planting of the Lord," and will bring Him the glory due only to Him!


  1. My husband gets coconut oil, Tumeric Extract from Vitacost, Ribonucleic Acid I get at the chiropractor and Vit. B12. What are PhamaBaba and PS?

    Glad for these improvements for Steve who seems happy from this post.

    Hugs and prayers,

  2. Praise God! This report brought tears to my eyes. God is good! All the time!

  3. Hi to you both. I am glad Steve has picked back up so of what had been hidden. I only hope it continues.

    God Bless,

  4. Thank you all, and we do need to praise our God for all the many, many things He does for us each day!

  5. Wow! What a blessing to hear of the good progress. Praying for you both. Love you dearly,