Saturday, March 24, 2012

On the road again

5:47 p.m. Today's project was to leave the very excellent, inspiring and informative Mary Kay Career Conference to travel north to Fresno from Pasadena to visit with our son Steven for a few days. I had a head start by leaving from Pasadena because it is not far from the 5 North. I did have one concern the weather, which dissipated along with the clouds. Whereas Los Angeles County was cold, dark and gloomy, the sun and blue sky broke through gloriously over the Grapevine, all the way  through the mountains, and then through the flat agricultural lands to my destination. Just having a bright day lifted my spirits, and caused me to thank the Lord for His graciousness. He knew that I'd be worried over clouds while traveling through the mountains. Even with a new tire and a tuned-up car, I didn't want to drive in a rainstorm!

Psalm 16:3 says,

Commit your works to the LORD,
And your thoughts shall be established.

A couple of roadblocks came up to slow down my leaving the hotel before noon, so I am glad  my "thoughts were establshed" and I was firm with my plan. After a very sleep-deprived night--just not at home in my own bed; a late but exciting night; and then rising early to get ready for the day and have devotions while my three roommates slept--I was falling asleep during a very good training class. So I did the logical thing for someone with a long drive ahead : went back to our room and napped for 20 minutes. Having been notified that I had $7.00 + change awaiting me at the Sheraton's front desk, I needed to pick that up, before I could leave. Thankfully, there were no lines! Finally, I made it out to the Jeep!

At the exit, I pushed the parking ticket into the mechanized kiosk, and the screen read, "$15.00."  Whoa! Wait up! I had paid for my parking when I checked out. With that big yellow bar looming in front of me and blocking my escape, I was tempted to pay it, after two tries inserting my hotel room and parking keys. Then I saw the Help button and pushed it. The attendant's voice came on and a very nice lady took the spelling of my last name and my the room number and released the gate. Beautiful, praise the Lord!

Naturally, when a roadblock appears, I am tempted to assume that it's God stopping me (from driving more safely during daylight hours to visit my son)? At times it can be the Holy Spirit's doing, as when the apostle Paul and his companions were forbidden by the Spirit to go into the region of Bithynia in Acts 16:7. At other times, the devil throows up roadblocks, confusion and fear to keep uas from being or receiving a blessing at the end of our travels. In Romans 15:22, Paul writes of being "hindered from coming to you." A disciple of Christ must pray, and discern when to go and when to stay!

In my case, I was blessed by a beautiful, speedy drive and a wonderful time when I arrived at the organic grocery store Lassens, where Steven works. I was welcomed with a hug from my "baby" and greeted warmly by the staff, even treated to a few nice food items, like coconut juice and tri-tip steak! Steve's girlfriend Kathy came over and we enjoyed a berries and tuna salad while Steven finished his shift.

Best of all, as Steven and I drove to his house, he shared with me that he had preached twice on scriptural adminitions to care for one's body at a local church, with pastors in attendance, some from out of state.Steven, Kathy, and emplyees from sponsor Lassens had prepared 200 protein drink samples for the attendees--may their diligence pay off in better health for the women who heard Steven's message!

The weekend has already included a raucous and exciting pro-am hockey game earlier this evening. We'll be at The People's Church tomorrow, the highlight of my visit up here. I never thought I'd be in a megachurch that was so friendly to an out-of-towner. Looking forward to the worship and message, as well as hearing about their many community outreaches. It feels like a second church home now!

The enemy tried to scare me away from this trip with foreboding about the weather, and difficulty at the hotel parking lot exit. But with the maternal instinct God has placed in most women, it's pretty impossible to keep a mom away from her kid! Overall, however, is God's loving care forme in any and all circumstances, Psalm 138:8:

The LORD will perfect that
  which concerns me;
Your mercy, O LORD, endures 
Do not forsake the work of Your hands.


  1. Did you have someone to stay with Steve while you traveled? How did that go? Glad you could get away.

  2. Hi Carol, Thanks for your good thoughts as always! Yes, Steve has a caregiver with him this weekend, his favorite one who always keeps him cheerful and busy! Praying you and DH are well today. :)