Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Encouragement found in a fun new challenge!

Just got home from the first meeting of an 8 week Weight Loss Challenge group organized by Sharon Schutte and Dede Hilovsky! Wendy our diet coach is great. I have never joined any kind of diet group, but these gals are all believers and we are in high spirits and very companionable. The winner with the most loss (either pounds or percentage) gets all the money in the kitty we contributed to tonight.

Am I "in it to win it?" (I know that my bodybuilding son Steven and his clients would be!) But I think I'll just enjoy trying new approaches, learning from my sisters, and cheering each other on--and losing that last 20 pounds.

Of course, now I'm starving and hope that my microwave vegetarian chile relleno dinner will fill me up!

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