Friday, September 25, 2009

Wedding Prep, sophisticated style!

1:44 p.m. Today's project was a success! Steve and I went to Mens' Wearhouse to pick up tuxes for him and for our youngest son Steven. Steve looked so handsome in his outfit--black on black, very smooth and classy! It goes without saying that our hope is for a relatively cool afternoon Sunday in Santa Fe Springs!

Have you ever noticed how nicely men seem to keep their original shape, while many of us gals, post- multiple childbearing, fight a lifelong battle to return to our former configuration? But I'm not bitter, no, not me! sigh...but I do have a gorgeous suit, deep coral-rust, the bride's chosen "mothers' colors," and can't wait to wear it! I got good news from my sister-in-law, the wedding coordinator--family members can get into the Clarke Estate's mansion to change! This is great, why? Because I can not only keep cool and fresh for as long as possible, but be able to see the bridal party ahead of time! (Marisela showed me her dress online a while back, and it is gorgeous--just enough dramatic detail, very elegant!). I think I just might be able to get a few pics, too!! I am absolutely incorrigible when armed with my camera!

We picked up some nutritional supplements at Clarkes, after reading info from CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network), for which I have my friend Charlotte to thank! She handed me a list of three supplements known to help with Alzheimers as we parked to go into Bible study yesterday morning. Steve's already taken the magnesium, L-carnitine, and PS [some very long name] and I am so grateful for the heads-up!

Seems that my theme of encouragement is continuing through this week! How precious in the sight of God are His people praying and looking out for one another! Not one of us deserves His mercy and grace, do we? Daily we can sense His heart of loving compassion in so many happenings, and drink in the Spirit's Living Water, knowing it is limitless!

My heart is so encouraged today! Our youngest son is now working in junior high ministry at a very large church in Fresno, the very church where we were allowed to park our RV one time when we came to see him. How blessed!! He'll be home in the wee hours after a ministry activity tonight and a 5 hour drive--I'm praying for his alertness and safety!

Heidi has just been offered a second 1/2 day position with Jurupa--in October she will once again have full time income! Our friend Shea is going to have her January wedding catered for only $5 a plate--full dinner, because the caterer wants to bless her!! Wedding coordinator Sharon told me today that the pastor who is performing Kriss and Marisela's wedding is absolutely right-on in his doctrine, as well as funny and engaging!!

My cup runneth over, again and again, day after day--may I never take the gifts from my Lord's hand for granted.

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