Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wedding Day!

1:07 p.m. Today's project is getting down to Santa Fe Springs' Clarke Estate in one piece for our son Kriss' wedding. The weather there will be much cooler than it is here--I heard 110 degrees yesterday---even if it's only 90! Kriss and his baby brother Steven just left in my Jeep, and Heidi will be driving Steve and me. I'm thankful because I did not sleep well.

At 11:30 last night, there was a light knock at the door, and I thought (hoped!) I was imagining it, and stayed in bed. Then the doorbell rang and Jada began barking furiously, like she does at that pizza commercial doorbell every evening! No choice but to amble down the stairs and there was Kriss--needing to stay here because his best man was tied up at work, and Marisela needed to get back to Long Beach and get some sleep. (The plan had been for Kriss to spend the night at Emmanuel's condo and ride with him to the venue).

Once again, God had a better, more gracious plan! I had hoped to get a chance to pray with Kriss, but that hadn't seemed likely. He had a banana, and then we prayed. I hastily put up a sign on Steven's door, telling him he needed to find a couch, and then time for bed!

Heidi's home with the good news that Pavel helped her with her 5th-6th grade Sunday school class and now we'll get ready to go in style in her 2009 Mazda 3. Toodle--oo! And thank you, dear friends, for all of your prayers! I'll be posting pictures late tonight!

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