Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just in time

1:50 p.m. Today's project was to get pretty as mother of the groom for Kriss and Marisela's wedding tomorrow. Hair done, nails manicured, and toes painted the perfect shade to match my suit! One added blessing was spending quality time with my Heidi in the pedicure chairs, and getting the news that she and Pavel are "officially boyfriend and girlfriend!"

I was so excited last night to hear from Kriss that the exact amount of money he needed to pay for the dj was provided out of the blue! Both families are certainly tapped out, so this was welcome news, an answer to prayer.

As I sat journalling early this morning on my front patio (hiding my pj-clad self behind a huge spider plant) taking in the last bit of cool breeze for the day, I realized something. When God seems to answer prayer "at the last minute," it's not because He needs time to put all the factors in place, because He has pre-ordained every detail. WE need time to humble ourselves before Him, to ask, seek, and knock for as long as needed to cause us to exhaust our self-reliance and admit that we are at the end of our self-built resources!

God loves to give good things to His children! (Matthew 7:7-11) He knows when we are ready to receive His good gifts with humility and fresh awareness of His power and mercy, and acts accordingly, true to His Word and character.

He knows me, and He knows my needs--and I can assure you of the very same thing. Let's encourage each other today to trust God!

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