Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

3:41 p.m. Today's project was to invite young moms to "Moms' Morning," the ministry the Lord gave me for our church, to be a mentor in the Titus 2:3 mold, giving counsel and guidance from God's word to young wives and mothers.

Steve and I got up extra early (6:30) so I could be at my station, near the church bookstore and the toddler Sunday school area at Calvary MoVal, to pass out flyers and Hershey's Kissies to young moms. Hopefully this will spur them on to sign up for Moms' Morning, Oct. 3rd! I remember how tough it was for Steve and me to get our 1, 2, 3, 4, and then 5 kids fed, dressed, and out the door to church, so it's no wonder our sign-ups go kind of slowly! 0-5 moms' stress level is pretty high, blessed but busy!

There just aren't enough hands for them to take a flyer, so I stuff them into the moms' purses or diaper bags, and they don't even react to my forwardness, because we are all sisters in the Lord, just loving one another! We moms are either raising little ones, or we've been all the way through it and hallelujah, came through that life with barely a scratch, and are now on the other side!

Yesterday, we went to a lovely wedding of my daughter's best friend, and really savored this season of our lives, with its new round of weddings, and best of all, grandbabies! I love seeing my friends with their offsprings' offspring, even as I wait impatiently for some new additions to our family! I adore my two grandsons (Xavier, 11 and Adrian, 13) and am very proud of these boys who are believers in Christ and a credit to our family in every way! But babies, please! There's nothing like a baby to lift our hearts and create fresh wonderment in our minds--just how did this tiny bit of heaven get here?? The facts of life hardly seem a sufficient explanation!

Now it's wedding week in our home, and as mother of the groom, I don't have any official duties, but to pray, encourage, and love Kriss and Marisela, and help out in any way I am asked to. I am really tickled about a surprise we have tucked away in the luggage set we are lending them for their honeymoon trip up the coast! They will have to open each case, and then a case inside it, then a backpack inside that one and then Surprise!!

While I don't have to endure pitched battles between mother and bride this time, I'm sure lots of last minute tasks will arise! I'll need to remember to wrap the wedding gifts --why does that always end up being last minute though the gifts have been in the house for over 3 months? We will take both cars down to the venue in Santa Fe Springs Thursday night for the rehearsal, so the newlyweds can use Steve's Saturn for their trip. The title of my blog, "Today's Project," came from today's project: repairing my late mother's beautiful suede heels for Sunday's big event. Both she and my mother-in-law would have so enjoyed their grandchildren's weddings! We are praying for my dad, though, as he awaits some medical test results--let the biopsy results be benign! But at 82, Daddy's doing fine!

Fresh romance is once again in the air, this time for daughter Heidi--when she least expected it! Eagerly awaiting new developments--will keep myself and all of us posted!

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