Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Honoring and uplifting

1:06 Today's Project is to travel to the Starbucks in the Long Beach Towne Centre to hear our son Kriss and his longtime band-mate Alan perform. We'll go early, against traffic, window shop, grab some dinner, then get good seats and coffee treats while we wait for them to play. Kriss' wife Marisela will be there too, with some pictures I can download for the 1st anniversary digital wedding album I plan to create later this month.

Kriss warned me that they will only be playing three songs, but that's fine. I want to hear the acoustic sound they've developed and the new songs he's written. As parents, we've always supported our kids' endeavors, cheered them on, and seen them vastly improve their skills, or lose interest and move on. Lots of the latter, but that's not unexpected. Young people need to try different skills and see what lifelong, compelling gift God has placed in them.

I was once asked, "How can you spend so much time at band and football boosters, soccer, Little League, scouts, basketball, Good News club, PTA, dance team, skateboarding, etc., while working at the same time?" To me it's a no-brainer--how could I not? Besides growing in our relationship to the Lord and one another, what else of any importance whatsoever do parents have to do that compares to uplifting and encouraging our children?! If we take the trouble to bring them into this world; raise them in the Lord for at least 18 years; financially support their ministry, sports, and arts endeavors in elementary through high school and then help them with college, why shouldn't we enjoy the reward of their accomplishments?
I had a chance to see my younger daughter Heather in her professional role today as well, because she needed a document from our safe. She is the office administrator for State Senator Bill Emmerson, and has a very large office, which she has totally decorated in a "Heatheresque" fashion, with lots of mementos and photos. She is an excellent rep for the senator, but her heart is calling her to be a photojournalist. And she will be, I am certain! Her pictures grce our home and the homes of her many subjects. Meanwhile, you can click on her website, from the Reading List of this blog.
Time to get ready to travel to Long Beach and enjoy our son's artistic accomplishments!

Pslam 128 shows the current and future blessings of having children. Verse 3, blessing the man who fears the Lord, says, "Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine in the very heart of yur house, your children like olive plants all around your table." (See picture above)!

As for the future, we've seen that come to pass as well. Verse 6 says: "May you see your children's children." So far, we have two grandsons.

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