Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An odd little dream with a great big truth

3:19 p.m. Today's project was to take Steve to see his neurologist, Dr. Rai, to renew his Namenda prescription. With only one day's supply left, we needed to get to the office.

I had a very odd dream last night. For the record, that evening I had been at church with my quilting and crafting friends the Piecemakers, while Steve attended men's Bible study. Unlike some nights, I hadn't taken any Tylenol or Advil PM like I sometimes do, and I don't think the tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream I ate would have caused nightmares!

Here's the scenario: Our family was living in a wide open country-ish house and had gone to bed on huge mattresses. In the morning, I awoke to find a huge black beetle, a nasty rat, a turtle, and a snake crawling through the bedroom, leaving their obscene droppings! "How did they get in here?" I remember thinking, while trying to catch them and shoo them out, at least shoo out the beetle, rat and turtle, because the snake had slithered out of sight. I woke Steve up and he got rid of them, pointing out a partially damaged screened window at floor level that I'd missed as the opening the filthy critters had used. So Steve came to the rescue!

Dreams are generally semi-sensible and don't stick with us much past the sound of our alarm. It is said by brain experts that dreams are the mind's way of solving problems--and I've awakened with an answer to an issue many a time over the years. In the Bible, the dreams of Pharaoh interpreted by Joseph in Genesis and Daniel's terrifying dreams had international significance. An angel not only told Joseph in a dream to marry Mary and name her expected son Jesus, but warned him in the same way to take little Jesus to Egypt for safety from Herod. God can speak in any way He chooses, although we are most wise to pray and consult the written Word of God for absolute certainty of what His will is for us. Romans 15:4 says, "For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope." Hope, truth and comfort, for believers, has their source in the Bible!

In Dr. Rai's office, the three of us talked about the progression of Steve's Alzheimer's: an unintended 16-lb weight loss, a gradual loss of speech, severe difficulty writing, and one good part, his quiet restful sleep with the C-pap machine. Dr. Rai wanted to see the Smart Card out of the machine to see how many times Steve stops breathing during the night, if any; and he asked me to bring a list of meds prescribed by other doctors with their dosages for the next appointment. As we reviewed the tasks I need to complete, including taking him to our primary care doctor about the weight loss, Steve said, "And we need to bring the Smart Card." So he had grasped that point and was paying enough attention to remember it!

Later, while walking out in the fresh, cooler air of the neighborhood, I reflected on my dream of Steve coming to my rescue, in light of our appointment with the neurologist, where Steve had been the one to remind me of the Smart Card. It was as if the Lord was showing me that I could still depend on my husband; I hadn't lost my "hero!" Steve's still "got it," as protector and man of the house. He just needs help right now. When I think of all the years he singlehandedly supported the five kids and me, what I am doing to help him now is pretty small in comparison!

How grateful I am!

And when each of our faculties are fully restored--even enhanced!-- in heaven, we'll be together forever, with no memory of our supposed sacrifices! We'll simply give glory to God that we have been found faithful!

How grateful I am!

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  1. Another inspiring post! Thanks, Dana, for your blog and your wisdom, as well as your positive outlook. You are a gem!