Saturday, March 26, 2011

He has done all things well

1:45 p.m. Today's project was to go to Marry Me Bridal in Orange for a fitting of Heidi"s wedding gown. I very much appreciated the mother-daughter time together as we went on our way.

At the salon, just the basic adjustments needed to be made, around the neckline, the midriff, and to hem the bottom for the shoes our bride is wearing. The next fitting is in three weeks. I am SO glad there were no snafus, thanks to the Lord, who "has done all things well"(Mark 7:37). As I left the Mary Kay Career Conference last night, explaining why I'd not be back for today's session, a gal remarked, "The Fitting? Ooh--that's when everything bad happens!" Methinks Americans have been watching too many bridal shows! Our morning went like a dream.

On the way to our next stop, Robbins Bros. Jewelry at the Galleria at Tyler, I called Steve to see how he was getting along, and let him know we'd soon be back in Riverside. He actually did answer his new cell phone, a small victory! This had been a struggle for the first two weeks he had it, so again, Jesus has done all things well!

Nothing like the glitz and glam of a jewelry store to put a sparkle in a girl's eyes. The store manager offered me a latte, and Heidi's business was taken care of speedily. Just like Steve had a sturdier silver version made of his white gold wedding band for his active work environment 30 years ago, Pavel's band is tungsten, as is our son Kriss' ring. Lunch at the Elephant Bar afterwards was delicious, with enough leftovers for a meal for Steve and me later today. Lovely day all around, working on the last few details. The cake, transportation of guests and bridal party, the family bridal shower menu, even my dress choice are still "TBD." But God will make clear exactly what He wants in each instance, down to the smallest of details.

That's how much He loves His children!

I admit to wasting some time and oxygen on the way back from Orange musing about the other mothers I saw at the salon who seemed so much younger than me (at first glance, anyway) and pondering that I was 33 when I had Heidi. Well, nothing about that is going to change, or even should be changed, because God's timing is perfect. He gave us our children as He saw fit, along with His Word to raise them by. We spoke of the Lord daily to our "Little Hi," (Deuteronomy 6:6-7) and much fruit has been borne as she now is a teacher of Bible studies herself.

As Mark 7:37 says of Jesus, "He has done all things well."

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