Thursday, August 4, 2011

Don't ignore the "little things"

5:54 p.m. Today's project was to teach a Bible study to my wonderful group of ladies. As we do each week, there was a wonderful time in-depth in the Word, with sharing, reflection, and ending in prayer. After I got home to Steve, we did some outdoor chores and then it was time to send out the written lessons by email.

The morning had not started out in a promising manner, despite my getting up at 6:00 to put the final touches on today's study, and Steve's and my devotion time going well. My Bible study friend and neighbor Cindy called with a severe headache, and then the caregiver was 15 minutes late. I did arrive at Malinda's house at 10:00 on the dot, but it's so much more appropriate for the leader to be there to just fellowship with the group, enjoy a nice glass of water and spend a moment relaxed before starting the meeting. Sigh...

All went beautifully, but by the time I got home I was a little sleepy. Of course a few things needed to be taken care of, like watering the back lawn (sprinkler system is dead), and then I had to email the lessons. Well, I could not get Yahoo contacts to work to send out the attached lesson to the 76 members of the group MyStudy2006--no categories even appeared. When I reported this to the Help page, apparently they were working on it! I was already very hot from helping Steve place and run the overhead sprinkler in the shadeless backyard, so this little fiasco didn't help.

I then tried the idea of typing in the addresses by hand, but the Word document wouldn't attach--way to go, Yahoo Mail! Obviously the Lord's plan was for me to go lie down and get some rest and maybe try again later. My Shepherd makes me lie down in green pastures, Psalm 23: 2 reminds me. Even the sturdiest and most vigorous sheep need to rest!

The email snafu wasn't huge on the scale of recent happenings in our household, what with broken down sprinklers, replacing a transmission, the huge fine for the dogs' escape, vermin stealing our garden produce, issue after issue that would have been dealt with either personally by Steve or affordable to pay a professional to fix. Praise God for those who have come alongside, but people aren't always available. Frustration just has to be accepted after a while. I pray for help and ideas, and just keep on walking, "till I know what God will do for me," as fugitive David said in I Samuel 22: 3. But this minor email issue was just enough to cause me to go upstairs and nap for 30 minutes.

When I lay down, I began to grieve the moving away of my friend Charlotte and Steve's friend Howard. Yet I have so much to look forward to, especially God's thoughts toward me, "to give me a future and a hope." (Jeremiah 29:11) current events and trials cannot steal my hope!

Taking better care of myself, though always a priority, came to the forefront as I woke up choking due to a dry throat. Hydration--I keep a bottle of water at my bedside, so I drained it before resting again. It's the little, every day things we need to take heed of, before they do us in.

After I spent some time reconciling medical bills and student loans, Steve brought in the mail. And here was a nice little surprise: rebate cards from Verizon! Those will buy groceries, hallelujah, without taking from our checking account. Thank You, Lord!

It's the little things!

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