Friday, August 26, 2011

God our Deliverer

6:47 p.m. Today's project was to take Steve for a haircut, long overdue. Although, if it had grown out in a cool way, it actually might have been flattering!

We signed in at Fantastic Sam's at 11:20 a.m., and then left for about 15 minutes to go get Steve's prescriptions, a disposable camera, gum and a FREE package of Woolite Drycleaners' Secret dry cleaning cloths. So it was already a good day for this coupon and freebie lover!

My little happy mood wore off considerably as we sat for another 30 minutes awaiting Steve's turn. I resisted walking up to the counter and checking the names constantly, but I did ask if Steve's name was on the list since later arrivals, apparently with their names ahead of his, kept getting called back. Finally a fourth hair cutter came in, so the process sped up. By 12 p.m. I was getting antsy, because a caregiver was coming over for Steve at 1:00 so I could take my dad to his 2:45 appointment in Redlands.

So I decided to practice what I preach, keep a decent expression on my face, pray, and, as James 1:4 says, "let patience have her perfect work." God delivered me from any urge to jump up or pace in the tiny waiting area, and Steve got his haircut, nice and short!

Back at home, we quickly got Steve's sandwich together, I turned on one of the sprinkler stations, got Steve to water the garden after he ate, and ran upstairs to change into a cool thin, flowy dress. This hot weather doesn't help any aspect of anything one has to do outside of our homes! It's all I can do to be civil--thanks be to God, who delivers us from sin! Psalm 19:12-13a says,

Who can understand his errors?

Cleanse me from secret faults.

Keep back your servant also from presumptuous sins;

Let them not have dominion over me.

The caregiver, who lives in Redlands, arrived, and said that traffic was already bad, so I kissed Steve good bye, got gas up the road, along with a cheapie burrito, and decided to take the San Timiteo Canyon route when I saw that indeed, the transition to the 60 west was already backing up. 25 minutes later, in plenty of time, thanks to the timely warning that kept me off the freeways, I pulled up into Daddy's driveway. We had a bit of time to wait, but he came out of his doctors appointment with a fairly good report, considering all he'd been through this month.

On the way home, I decided to stop into Vons downtown and pick up some groceries. As I drove down Orange Street, I had the strangest thing happen--my right ankle went into a painful cramp, while I kept working the gas and brake pedals! What on earth?! I've had leg cramps, foot cramps, and labor cramps in various locations on my body, but this was a first... I figured I'd better park and text a bunch of people to pray, because there's no way I'd be able to drive with that foot in a fixed position for the way home to Riverside.

Responses were pretty quick. My daughter Heidi reminded me to drink more water, and I did buy a cold bottle of it at the store and downed it. Walking around in a cool supermarket helped my ankle to loosen up, and calmed my nerves. I took some extra strength Bayer "Back & Body" caplets with my water and got back on the road. I decided, since it was only 3:30, to drive through the lovely homes in the older part of Redlands, doing a little sightseeing and dreaming in my hometown, which was way too quiet and boring when I was a teen, but seems idyllic now! God did answer prayer and delivered me from my ankle cramp!

Two more deliveries took place: whatever small brush fire started near our Sycamore Canyon was rapidly put out. And, when I arrived home, Steve showed me a box that had just been delivered--8 more of my books, just in time for my signing tomorrow afternoon!

Whether the matter is impatience, rude speaking, terrible traffic, physical pain, wildfire or a shortage of books, my God is able to deliver me!


  1. Love how you describe your days and the LORD's faithfulness each day. Hope your book signing went well.

    I have visited Redlands years ago when my deceased aunt and uncle lived there. They went to the Christian Missionary Alliance Church in Redlands.

    Have a wonderful Sunday. Does Steve go to church with you? My husband who has Alzheimer's still goes to church and is currently happy to stay home alone with our dog.

  2. Hi Carol, Thank you for your good words! Yes, Steve loves church, still rememebers most lyrics to praise songs, and enjoys the hugs and fellowship with all of his friends from men's study. (He no longer attends that because in a small discussion group setting, there are too many people talking). So we go to midweek service where only the pastor speaks and it's quiet otherwise.

    I don't leave Steve alone for more than 15 minutes because his judgment is unreliable now and supervision is needed. So glad your hubby can still stay alone. That's good for both of you!