Friday, December 25, 2009

They'll be home for Christmas

2:53 p.m. Today's project was to welcome the kids home with their spouses, and bless our daughter Heidi who lives with us at home. Since there are no little ones getting up at 6 a.m. and madly careening down the stairs any more, I slept until 7 o'clock, and Steve until 8.
Lots to do--devotions and prayer first, and then posting Psalm 34:8: "Oh taste and see that the LORD is good." I had to make up waffle batter, get my preassembled breakfast casserole into the oven and the bacon fried for a 9:30 breakfast, expecting Kriss and Marisela in from Long Beach by 10. Heather and Nick popped in a tthat time, as did my dad, so we had a breakfast together and visited. By 11:30, The LA Co. contingent arrived, with tons of fixings for a complete Mexican dinner.
We all received very thoughtful and useful gifts, from a mattress pillowtop pad for Heidi to sailboat and car hobby kits for Steve. I got a candy thermometer--no more waiting for that "soft ball stage!" A desk accessory of lovely cherry wood was a great gift, as was the blue necklace and earrings, and the handpicked goodies in the gourmet basket from Nick and Heather. The sibling gift exchange was very good, with some joke gifts, but all useful.
Sean came later, but he was very much a part of things right away. He and my dad have always been close, dating back to the days when I was a single mom and we lived with my dad. After opening his gifts, Sean and grandpa sat down right away to catch up. His sons Adrian and Xavier called to wish me Merry Christmas, and I was able to make plans to see them when they get back from Louisiana. I'm glad my daughter-in-law can take them to see extended family, since her mother Mary died in March, and there is a real hole in all of our lives now. But Booker, Kippy's dad , is doing well with the support of his church family.
Heidi is spending time this aftrnoon at Pavel's eating a Romanian stuffed grape leaves dish that took his mom all day yesterday to make. Funny about this season--
we cooks and bakers have all got very worn and dried up hands from washing pots, pans, and cookie sheets! But the results are so pleasing! Heidi will be back soon for Marisela's tamales.
Hard times have not skipped over our family. Most of the kids have good employment, and Sean is starting an auto repair business, so we are grateful for God's provision! "O fear the LORD, all you His saints! For there is no want to them who fear Him," Psalm 34:9 reassures believers.And God graciously covers the ones who've strayed from Him, in honor of our prayers.
There is no god like our God, all day, every day, but I feel especially grateful today, when I celebrate the day when "love came down. "

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