Saturday, July 17, 2010

Do it yourself

2:20 p.m. Today's project is to get ready for our son Sean and his fiancee Pam's engagement party, a barbecue. All of us except Steven will be attending, along with Heather's husband Nick and Heidi's fiance Pavel. Should be a fun evening, and I look forward to getting to know Pam, an ICU nurse, better. From what I've seen so far at our house on Father's Day, and from her Facebook posts, she seems to be a caring, friendly gal.
I must say that I have really been blessed with our children's choices of marriage partners, and even their families are a great fit with the Kruckenberg clan. We love people! The Kruckenbergs are all about God and family, try to be a good witness to all. We gladly take part in whatever concerns others (as practicable and appropriate). Our son Steven said one time, "Mom, you know we'd never date anyone you didn't like. But you and dad like everybody!" Well, think about it--Christ died for all, and had a good word for all who came to Him. To be snobbish or unfriendly would not represent Him at all, would it?

Therefore, my kids need to use their own spiritual discernment when picking a mate, not just go on emotions. When I look back on the decades of nightly and weekly family devotions, thousands of Sunday School classes, youth groups and Bible studies, as well as Bible stories and prayer times before bed, I thank the Lord for the way He led Steve and me to raise our family. Now it's their time to make critical life decisions! And they are not alone, because they, the same as we, are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, as I Peter 4:14b says: "...the Spirit of glory and grace rests upon you."
In the vein of "doing it yourself," I sent out an email request to my Heart to Home instructors to submit class proposals for our fall classes, set to have a holiday theme. Our classes teach women household arts and creative skills they can use to enhance their homes and teach to their own children. I am hoping to offer Christmas budgeting, thrifty entertaining, decorating and gift wrapping. The hors d'ouevre and homemade gift classes are already booked. My prayer is to see beginner to expert levels of crafting offered, but the Lord will show me precisely what our women at Calvary Chapel Moreno Valley need. I am trusting God to fulfill His Word in Psalm 32:8:
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.
While glancing on to the next book of the Bible, I saw Proverbs 24:27, which made me chuckle as I think about my current home project. That undertaking began today with Roma tomatoes plucked from their vines that I'll cook down into sauce and then can next week. The verse directs:
Prepare your outside work, make it fit for yourself in the field; and afterward build your house.
That may not be the closest correlation, since farming is rather a large leap from gardening, but there's no food to put in the house, if it's not first grown outside the house! And as I stock my pantry with preserved foods, I am "building my house" as a wise woman should. (Proverbs 14:1a)
As the Lord gives us ability, let's put our minds and hands to good use in whatever calling He has ordained for us!

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