Friday, October 22, 2010

Allergic to my computer!

6:33 p.m. Today's project was to just get up and do something physical! After bringing Steve home from Howard's where he'd been helping in their Woodcrest orchard, we greeted my dad with his supply of all kinds of fattening foods for Steve. Daddy is convinced Steve doesn't eat enough, but my husband generally has a snack in hand or is enjoying a meal whenever I see him! We'll see what the doctor says about his latest lab test. I served us all some of the turkey soup that has been simmering away since Wednesday in the crockpot, and we had a nice, long visit.

I sat down to my computer to retrieve gmail messages, which of course led me to personal notes on Facebook that needed to be answered. Since one was a Mary Kay order, that was much- appreciated business. The other was from a friend who had been cheered by a note I had sent yesterday morning, so the Lord encouraged me with that. I had posted a verse from Psalm 104 about God's creation, and wished a friend happy birthday early this morning, so I just had to tend to my Farmtown Farm and see what a random selection of 471 friends had going on, and either laugh with them, or promise to pray for their needs.

Jamie King, who is hosting a massive multi-vendor holiday boutique November 3rd, that includes my own product line, had posted the event, so I shared it on my profile page. I also checked comments on my Tea Party pictures from yesterday, all very supportive. But that reminded me that I needed to email the boutique flyer to my female contacts. Then I thought, "I am going to get up and DO something!" Remembering a news report that people, especially women, who spend most of their day seated have an increased risk of death, and my daughters' and my discussion last night of the way that staying sedentary at their workplaces and my computer was causing "bottom spread," I charged out of the house into the garden, pulled out a few unproductive strawberry plants, put fly ointment on the dogs' heads--can you believe there are still flies in this cold weather?--and then took out the garbage. It felt so good to go out into the cold air!

I then found a Facebook comment from my 27 year old son Kriss about an itchy back from allergy tests, so I texted him as to what was up. Seems that cat dander, dust and particulates in the Long Beach air are bothering him. That seemed odd, because the air down at the beach smells and feels so clean to me when we we are hunting down an air filter that we bought years ago for him to borrow. And I'd better dust before he comes!

At least this propelled me to some physical action, vacuuming the carpets. I did some dusting, too, and searched up and downstairs around the house for the products I need to fill the MK order, as well as for a housewarming gift for a party tomorrow. I put in a load of wash and cleaned up the kitchen, sorted through the mail, and then in came a text from youngest son Steven, reminding me to check to see if the Master Promissory Note I signed online around midnight last night had gone through. As I checked the Yahoo email for that, I remembered to login to my Mary Kay account to do a password change; and then I sent out invitations to the boutique.

Thankfully, Heidi came home, and I needed to get up and help her with the brownies for the 5th and 6th grade girls' sleepover she's in charge of at church. Between helping her find some items, and taking them to her car, I was busy. Then it was time to fix Steve's dinner, too. As we sat down to watch the O'Reilly Factor, I said to him, "It seems like I just move from the computer, to the dinner table to the computer, then over to the couch!" Just aggravating, because so much of what I do--writing, my business, Bible studies I pull up for Steve--it's getting more and more computerized. I'm glad we walked around for a few hours yesterday in San Diego, and grateful for our Disneyland days! In Matthew 6:8, Jesus said, "Your Father knows the things you have need of, even before you ask Him."

And He knows human beings need exercise for our physical and mental health!
I'll now go clean up dinner, find out more about Kriss' allergies, and then sit back down to work on that Master Promissory Note. So glad tomorrow is Saturday. Steve and I can get out and walk in the cool air God has provided, and look at His beautiful world outside.
Psalm 104:24 says, "O LORD, how manifold are Your works! In wisdom You have made them all."
As I prepare for another online session, all I can say is "Achoo!"

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