Sunday, September 4, 2011

God is good like that

9:08 p.m. Today's project was to enjoy the help and hope that my kids and friends brought us.

We were blessed to enjoy a visit with Heidi and Pavel in the morning as she organized and served Steve his breakfast before they went to church. Pavel's surgery was a success. He and Heidi are beginning their fall rotation teaching 5th & 6th grade at Children's Church starting next Sunday. I was glad to see them, because she'll have lesson planning to do on Labor Day. I am grateful that Steve and I could watch the church service online today.

I tried having everything I use in the morning (coffee pot ready to perk, mug, spoon and creamers, Bible, mini notebook computer, journals and pens) upstairs and ready when I awoke. That way I wouldn't have to make the agonizing trek downstairs when my pain is at its worst. My sister suggested sleeping downstairs, and I am considering it. Sooner or later I'd have to go upstairs, I guess, to shower and dress, but my Advil would take effect by then, prayerfully!

Wisdom is what I am seeking, because I need to treat my body as carefully as possible in hopes of feeling better, even healed, by tomorrow. My prayer is to be like those chosen to serve in the early church (Acts 6:3), "full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom" for my week ahead, whether writing my Thursday Bible study, holding facial parties and appointments, or returning to cooking and cleaning my home and caring for my husband. Sadly, Steve is more confused than ever, probably due to the sorry turn of events with my health and abilities this week.

Speaking of not cooking, our friends Bob and Debbie came by with a huge Kentucky Fried Chicken meal, everything you love that's not very good for you, but utterly delicious. We had so much fun! When a meal is topped off by chocolate cake and double vanilla ice cream, who's quibbling over a few calories? More special meals are in store--Debbie is organizing meals for us if need be. Much as I'd LOVE to sample some of my girlfriends' culinary creations, I'd really like to be up and cooking for my husband by tomorrow!

Almost forgot to mention the most amazing happening of this afternoon. Steve went out onto the front porch at 10 minutes before 5, and I heard the sound of dragging a heavy package. Odd on a Sunday...I peeked out from the family room where my leg was up on pillows, and there he was, with a surprise gift: a 50 lb. bag of dog food! Praise the Lord! We were laughing because the dogs eat right at 5 p.m. Furthermore, I'd forgotten that we were out of their food, though I'd had plans to get some, stressful and difficult as it would have been to do so. But GOD hadn't forgotten Bailey and Jada, nor my painful plight! As Hagar said in the wilderness when driven away from Abram's home, in Genesis 16:13 (KJV), "Thou God seest me." Our cousin Bobbi Self reacted in Facebook to this praise report by stating, "God is good like that."

Yes, He is!

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