Saturday, September 3, 2011

Opened eyes

5:37 p.m. Today's project was to welcome our friends over, kind and thoughtful friends, bringing much-needed assistance, fellowship and cheer, even while my physical pain has consigned me to a spot on top of my bed, where I had to finish my devotions. I had much to journal about to the Lord today!

It's day 3 of this sciatica attack,and I am wondering how long these things last. Going up and down stairs shouldn't even be attempted, but I can't leave Steve alone, wondering what to do for himself, the dogs, or the garden and yards. I decided to call my friend Linda, at first for prayer, but when she asked what we needed, I was honest. "Steve needs someone to organize his breakfast. The food is here, he just can't find it or put it together." Knowing they were on the way gave me the incentive to carefully step into the shower and pull myself together! Bless their giving hearts, Linda and John came over, she got Steve's breakfast ready while John and Steve went into the garden, and then spent a nice, long time of ministry seated on the edge of my bed while the two men visited downstairs.. What a Godsend! II Corinthians 1:3-4 was exemplified by Linda, who has suffered from many serious medical conditions, comforting me as God has comforted her!

My next visitor was Debbie Snyder, with two packs of ThermaCare heat wraps, cheerful conversation, and instructions on how she uses the product. Those wraps aren't cheap, so her generosity is much appreciated, especially since she uses them herself fairly frequently! The Lord is so gracious, providing me with such lovely friends.

I was resting and reading my friend Pam's book of short stories, poems and "slices of life," when a key turned in the front door lock at 1:00 and I heard my younger daughter Heather talking with her dad. Yippee! Lunch would get prepared without a dreadful walk downstairs. She ran up, asked me what to get out for Steve's sandwich and fixings, and quickly got him situated. Then she prepared my Dole Caesar salad dressing kit, only with homemade Ranch dressing, brought that up, and we had the best time catching up, with her lying on her dad's side of the bed.

I love the woman that my 3 years' married daughter has become, sharp, savvy in her job at the State Senator's office, active in youth ministry, and wife to the wonderful Nick. But she'll be ready to move on when Nick finishes his thesis and begins his profession. All of us will be cheering when she can do her photography on as full-time a basis as she desires to. All in God-time, and meanwhile working as an "underling" as she calls her secretarial job, is the best preparation for leadership, I reminded her. And a leader she will be!

My older daughter is at a late-starting and lengthy wedding, so we may not see her and Pavel this evening. I think I can get dinner re-heats ready, though, in short bursts of moderate activity, just like I helped Steve with watering the garden, the backyard, and trying to make the gas barbeque start (didn't happen). But, at least he put the gasoline can, oil and the destroyed lawnmower back in the garage. Alzheimer's had struck again--he told me yesterday that he realized that he'd put gas in the oil receptacle and oil in the gas section. That's why the lawnmower spewed smoke and then quit. When I feel better next week, I'll call a low-cost lawn service recommended at church. That is sad, because lawn care was such an enjoyable pastime for Steve, and he did it well.

Later this afternoon, a Christian single dad came by to check out the room we have for rent. We are situated close to his work and not far from Harvest, and the price is right. Oddly, Steve never even heard the dogs bark, the doorbell ring, or knew the gentleman was in the house, even though he was just out on the patio with the dogs and the two of us were talking in the kitchen!

My eyes were opened to something very serious today. I am essentially alone in my home, or like a mom home with an infant, a loved one whose needs are far more urgent than mine. In other words, no one could call 911 if I get hurt, or have any clue how to help if my temporary disability should become lengthy or more serious. Steve cannot get his own food or independently care for the house or grounds. He needs hands-on directions even for dressing and grooming many days. He would not be able to live alone now, so whatever arrangements the kids have to make for me would have to include finding full-time care for their dad here from our agency or placement in a care facility. And paying bills? I guess they could be brought to the hospital and I could direct someone when and how to get them paid. It's probably time to get the girls' names on my accounts...

When the Lord opens our eyes, it's not to frighten us, which none of this does, but to warn us to act wisely and with dispatch to protect our loved ones--and ourselves--from unnecessary debacles. Jesus holds us in His everlasting arms, of that I am sure, more than anything else in this world, and He will never forsake me! Some very difficult and dreadful decisions are ahead for me, but I won't be alone; He is with me.

Lord, open my eyes, to learn from Your law, all that You would guide me to do to glorify you in my days to come! Let me be a witness in this trial and bring many souls into Your kingdom. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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  1. So glad you could receive that help. Can you keep a cell phone with you at all times for emergencies?

    My ALZ husband still likes to drive the riding lawn mower, for which I am grateful. Also we have neighbors who are willing to help.

    Hugs and prayers,