Thursday, September 1, 2011


5:23 p.m. Today's project was to teach our Bible study I Samuel Chapter 26 and 27. If that seems like a lot, it's not really, because the chapters are short and flow together. I actually went into Chapter 28:1-2, again, to finish that dark era of David's life when he fought with and for the Philistine King Achish. Ouch--what an extreme fall into backsliding!

From the moment I got up, I've had the worst aches and pains in my left hip and leg, arthritis striking suddenly, making it difficult to stand, sit or even walk without limping. I had friends praying I'd be able to sit long enough to teach the Bible study, and God was gracious to answer. I also managed to have a comfortable visit with my fellow author and cancer victim Pamela Judge, during which we exchanged books.

Later, walking with Steve through CVS, I was limping like a person with one leg shorter than the other, or a hip out of its joint! Moving seems to help, so I took a completed Homestay packet--for housing a foreign exchange student-- over to the University of California Riverside. Quite a little hobble from the parking lot upstairs to the office! On the way home, I managed to make my circuit through Ralphs for groceries, and get dinner started. Even now, I'm standing for longer than I should, while I wait for Steve's caregiver. Poor Amie--she got lost after a traffic re-routing by local police. She just isn't familiar enough with the area to find her way back from a police blockade of Arlington Avenue.

One fun, motivating Mary Kay meeting later, in which I gave the inspirational message on our commitments showing who we are, I'm back, in pain, and praying for a good night's sleep somehow.

Only God will be able to provide that! Over the counter painkillers are certainly not working...

As I pray and lie down for the night, I'll rest in this assurance of God's continued work in His people's lives, Zechariah 3:6:


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