Monday, September 12, 2011

Mondays rock when you're standing on the Rock!

7:02 p.m. Today's project was to get Steve ready for his day, from finding the right jeans, to straightening up the master bath and bedroom after he was finished dressing. Brightstar agency did a great job this morning, considering that I had to contact them a 8 a.m., for a shift to start at 9:30. Once caregiver Carlos arrived, I was able to have him assist Steve with threading his belt through his pant loops, and changing from work boots to sneakers. Just before I left, the two of them went off walking the dogs. They later gave them a bath. With a professional caregiver at home with Steve, I have complete peace of mind about his safety, the preparation of meals, and the fun he has doing his chores with a companion. In the afternoons, they relax watching "The Waltons" or they pop in a movie.

Therefore, I didn't leave the house red in the face and hot under the collar! Because I could concentrate without worry or distraction, I had a wonderful Monday, holding three makeup appointments and making almost $100! And more business is forthcoming. I popped in for lunch, had Carlos cut up watermelon for all of us, and then left or a makeup consultation. From there, I visited Dr. Guzman about my sciatica, leaving with some encouragement to go back to my chiropractor Dr. Madison. I also got some wise counsel about Steve's tremors.

The reason I love Mondays is that all of my "pent-up demands" for business and financial arrangements get wrapped up. Calls are made. Letters get mailed. Forms get faxed. And I enjoy lots of brief but pleasant conversations with both strangers and acquaintances. You never know whom you might be able to witness to...

The Lord spoke to me about having a calm spirit last night and this morning. Along with His correction, God has promised to lovingly help me keep my temper when things get out of order, messy, or take "too long" at home. As a result, I behaved decently today, and expect to get better every day, because Jesus has promised me in Hebrews 13:5,

I will never leave you nor forsake you.

Jesus will not leave me nor forsake me whether I face pressure from outside forces or my own bad attitude within. He simply will not permit me to "go it alone" even if I'm the problem! That's when God works best--when we know we can't "fix it!"

In I Samuel 29, which I am teaching on Thursday, David finds himself in a dreadful position that he could have entirely avoided by consulting the Lord beforehand. He'd been serving as a military commander to King Achish of he Philistines,pretending to have been killing Israelites while killing and plundering several ancient tribes south of Judah. But now the Philistines were marching to war against King Saul and the Israelites. What was David to do? He's be seen as an ingrate and a coward if he deserted his benefactor King Achish. If he fought against the Israel of God, his own people would never have honored him with the crown, and if the Saul had been killed, David could have been blamed for something he swore he'd never do, just by fighting or even being a rearguard, for a Philistine king. It was entirely David's fault--he'd run straight into the welcoming arms of the heathen. Would his conniving chickens come home to roost?

God, never at a loss for a solution, delivered David by using the heathen themselves. David was soundly rejected by the four other Philistine kings as a turncoat and potential traitor, and told in no uncertain terms to pack up, and get out by morning, him, his men, and all of their families--back to Ziklag in Judah. Being corrected and chastened by unbelievers--no good, friend, whether in 1,000 B.C. or in 2011 A.D.

A believer can't sink any lower! So, as Psalm 34:12-14 exhorts us, asking the question,

Who is the man who desires life,

And loves many days that he may see good?

The answer is,

Keep your tongue from evil,

and your lips from speaking deceit.

Depart from evil and do good;

Seek peace and pursue it.

And that's the Word!


  1. Glad you are getting answers about Steve and your health. Now I realize the pink is all about Mary Kay Cosmetics. Love your Scripture you quote each day.

    My husband and I were both able to attend a support group yesterday and talk honestly about Alzheimer's and share our faith as well. One couple didn't like it, but then the gospel is an offense to those who are perishing.

    Have a good Tuesday.

  2. You know, Csrol, time is short and what have we got to lose by sharing the tremendous truth we have? You and your husband were obedient, because we are told to always be ready to give an answer to every man regarding the hope that is within us.

    Sometimes the ones who are offended are the ones whose attention God is trying to get right now!
    Keep up the good work, Carol!