Friday, September 2, 2011

Inching and OUCHing forward

6:44 p.m. Today's project was to get out of bed, without falling and walk downstairs normally. I accomplished the first goal, but in excruciating pain. After a night off from the pain, having taken Vicodin every four hours, I was reduced to crawling out to the hallway to wake Steve up to put the dogs out and pray with me! (I'd been in such pain from my hip last night that I didn't want to wake Steve with getting up and down, so I'd slept in the room next door).

The pain that had started in my hip now continued down my leg, even to the tops of my feet! What was happening? How was I supposed to go downstairs and start the coffee, or have my devotions? And did I need to cancel my 10:00 hair appointment and a modest skincare sale at the salon? Would I be able to step over the tub entrance to take a shower?

First thing first--get downstairs, favoring my "good" leg--staggering and hobbling, while reminding Steve that he'd only eaten his banana, but hadn't taken the pile of meds that he does each morning. I asked him whether he'd be able to get out his breakfast things, and he kind of stared at me, not a good sign. So, while I told him to just go ahead and take his shower, I bent down to the lower part of the pantry to fill his bowl with granola, put a huge slice of rye bread in he toaster, set out his margarine with butter knife, and refilled his water. I was doing my best not to scream with pain, when a thought occurred to me: I had my Freedom Alert pendant on for a reason. There was no one at home to deal with an emergency if my condition worsened and I became helpless. Steve just isn't capable any more of grasping the seriousness of another person's situation, or relating, even to my situation. He cannot take the initiative to be helpful, even if it just means taking care of his own needs. He came downstairs in a dirty shirt and torn-up jeans that had to be changed. That realization was not only scary, but sorrowful and lonely, too...

What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee , Psalm 56:3 (KJV), the first verse my kindergarten students in Christian school would memorize, stood me in good stead today. The neighbors all work, my kids are all at work or out of town. Even for the neighbors who are retired, how was I supposed to walk even next door? Better start collecting phone numbers! I don't think you can call 911 for an attack of arthritis. Maybe you can, I don't know.

One thing in my favor today was that a caregiver was coming by 9:30, so I took 3 Advil, started our devotions as normal, and kept praying this was just a case of "traveling arthritis" like my late mother had, a PASSING case, not one that would leave me bedridden!

I gobbled down some egg salad I'd made the other day, praise the Lord, freshened up and got dressed just in time for Amie to come to the door. Bless her heart, she did laundry for me, and kept up with Steve and his chores. By the time I returned, she had made sure he was eating his lunch. With some time to spare while the laundry dried, I gave her a microdermabrasion treatment. She folded the clothes and then was on her way.

Gradually, I reclaimed my day, and saw the chiropractor at 3:00, who declared that the sciatic nerve was the basis of my problem. I hobbled out of Dr. Madison's office with some hope, if not lasting relief. I'll see him again next Wednesday.

More Advil at 7 p.m. Steve and I were able to enjoy wonderful Roxie Rising's worship songs at a coffee shop I'd not seen before, "Sips." Friends and family were there in full support of her attendance at the School of Worship at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.

Restful music, focused on Jesus! "My peace I leave with you," He said in John 14:27.

That's a verse I'll claim tonight!

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  1. What a day! Thanks for sharing. Glad the meds and the chiropractor helped. Hope you are better on Saturday.