Friday, September 30, 2011

Out and about, back and forth

9:27 p.m. Today's project was to get my back and ankle fixed--or at least adjusted or soothed--by the chiropractor first thing in the morning. The sciatica seems to have settled down in my left ankle. I've come to realize that I cannot avoid bending my ankle, whether I sit, stand, or walk. Lying down 24 hours a day isn't a realistic option, or I'd try it. And because I've favored that side of my back and leg, severe pain has attacked the right side this week. This will be a September NOT to remember, as far as I'm concerned. When they serve us well, and are moving along uneventfully, how we take for granted the "fearfully and wonderfully made" bodies God fashioned for us!

We left the house a little after 8 a.m., so I could deposit the two customer checks I collected yesterday afternoon. Steve and I arrived on time, and he took his seat in the waiting room where he always enjoys the Carol Burnett reruns Dr. Madison's office has going. I lay face down on the padded adjusting chair (or table) and relaxed with heat applied to my back. After an adjustment and probing pressure applied to my left leg, I did feel some relief and took my hubby home. We arrived to find the caregiver already on the porch, 15 minutes early. Steve loaded up my Mary Kay cart. I had time to show Andrew the room we are trying to rent, because he had expressed his need to find a place to live a couple of weeks ago. After writing down some ID information, I left him with Steve, on their way out to walk the dogs.

Two pleasant surprises awaited me at the hair salon: a customer paid me for some product, and it was one of the hairdressers' birthday, so the obligatory potluck included hot wings, several casseroles and fantastic, very spicy homemade burritos. I sat down with a couple of the girls, and had some nice fellowship as we ate. I will be remembering the sister of one of the beauticians in prayer--she has had one leg amputated, and the next is now be at risk. I began to feel quite a bit less sorry for myself as I heard about her, and then saw two sweet "regulars" with their walkers. Lord, please heal, comfort and minister your grace to these dear women, and may they be surrounded with help at home!

I then stopped at a friend's house to deliver an Apple Berry lipstick. Willie Mae's husband is a retired assistant pastor now afflicted as Steve is, with mid-stage Alzheimer's, although he is much older. She and I met in our Care Pathways class. She returned a copy of Galatians: An Exploration of Faith and Freedom to me, after reading through it for possible recommendation to her church's women's Bible study. I told her about our Care Pathways "Walk to end Alzheimer's" team and website, and she reminded me of our next support group meeting. I was glad to know that her husband will be returning to Care Connexxus next week, because Steve is going to try out their daycare program on Wednesday. I suddenly remembered my chiropractor's warning not to sit on soft couches, so I stood up to get going before I lost the good effects of my earlier adjustment...

After a Winco run to get 50 lbs of dog food, I returned home just in time for our caregiver to leave. His ride was already there. He asked, "We're going to In 'n Out after I get my paycheck--what do you guys want on your burgers?" When I asked how much money he needed, he said, "No way, it's on me!" Wow! about an hour and a half later, Steve and I received a hand-delivered feast. God is so good! The fact that we'd both had lunch didn't slow our enjoyment down one bit.

One reason I had to be back by 1:00 was that our landscaper friend Paul, a brother from church, was planning to come over and install our sprinkler timer system for us. So the two of us whiled away the afternoon, Steve doing various chores and watching The Waltons, while I made tons of phone calls to the ladies who filled out slips last Saturday at the children's boutique where I helped man a booth. I have two bookings so far, and more to schedule next week.

Paul arrived and speedily installed the timer. Then he went back and forth from the garage to the back and side of the house, obviously finding a problem with the electrical connection, because the sprinklers didn't come on. Turns out that our silly dogs had pulled up and chewed through some wires near their Dogloos! We had moved the shelters to the side of the house when we had to get the patio area cleaned up for Heidi's rehearsal dinner party, and if I figure the calendar right, that's about when the system went dead.

I think the dogs have had a little much too much time on their hands, even though Steve is out back with them off and on most of the day. Next time the wires will be buried better and deeper, and with protective covers!!

Despite our trials, or because of them, the Lord has surrounded us with tremendous friends, opportunities for giving and receiving, and a great deal of fun along the way. He has also brought His word to life. The kind of testimony and legacy I want o pass on to my children and grandchildren as a result of this experience is found in Psalm 22:30-31:

A posterity shall serve Him,

It will be recounted of the Lord to

the next generation.

They will come and declare His

righteousness to a people who

will be born,

That He has done this.

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  1. Lovely post. I also went to the chiropractor yesterday for my rotation cuf adjustment and I am fixed and am on "as needed basis".