Sunday, November 6, 2011

Courage and Communion

2:22 p.m. Today's project was to get up at the right time, get ourselves ready, and arrive at church on time. Then we needed to walk from our parking spot to the sanctuary, enter and sit down in a less-visible location. We need an out-of the way location because all of the efforts I have to make to keep Steve awake, share a Bible, hand him tissues, and, as I realized when I noticed the trays set below the pulpit, manage both of our Communion crackers and juice cups can be distracting to those near by.

When you lay out all of the steps to accomplish a task, or reach a goal, it seems like so much to do. With Steve now, I find myself leading and guiding every small part of the living process, down to "put on your other sock," for example. But for people with effectively functioning brains, the steps flow effortlessly, obviously, and in order. We all have obstacles put into place by the devil on Sunday, whether it's unbelief or procrastination in the case of the unsaved, or sudden "flare-ups" of temper, struggles with staying on time and on-task, car troubles or lost articles of clothing for believers--the incidents are very numerous and their source very obvious! Just as I had to apply James 4:7 yesterday morning ("Resist the devil and he will flee from you"),  the day started here with real spiritual warfare as Steve woke up sobbing and distraught.

He kept crying and gesturing to describe a dream he'd had: "I kept seeing all these toys everywhere," and just wildly weeping with his head in his hands, saying, "I just can't do this!" and shaking his head. Honestly, sometimes I am tempted to say the same thing, but in God, I WILL  do this!

Hear Psalm 56:4:

In God (I will praise His word),
In God I have put my trust.
I will not fear...

I helped Steve calm down, prayed with him, and led him downstairs to take his meds. Since we are out of bananas, and they're too sugary anyway, I prepared a protein-packed peanut butter sandwich for him to eat after his pills were down. While making some adjustment with his Aricept, I noticed that he had skipped his bedtime anti- seizure pill and the caregiver hadn't given him his 2 p.m. Namenda pill. In all the commotion yesterday morning, I forgot to write that down, and was too distracted by other needs by evening. See what I mean by obstacles from the devil? And aren't you glad satan was defeated for eternity at the Cross by Jesus? Oh, he certainly harasses God's kids, but our mighty Lord slaps him back every time, hallelujah! And whatever level of effort I make in Steve's behalf, Jesus multiplies those efforts by 1,000% because He loves Steve more than his wife ever could.  And our God is able to deliver the godly, whether from temptations ( 2 Peter 2:9) or trials (2 Corinthians 8:2).

Later, a caregiver will arrive to care for Steve as I take the meatball sandwich ingredients with me to Home Fellowship.The full crock pot will be heavy for me to carry to the Jeep, but the confusion and commotion that would happen if Steve attempts to handle something hot is even more risky. He has a cold now and has no ability to realize his nose is running; somehow, he can't feel it. I remember that his late brother always had a tissue at hand. Perhaps it's the effect of this stage of Alzheimer's. Maybe at home later I'll try him on a cold medication, but experiments and outings don't mix! Also, I don't want his continual nodding off in a small group to be a distraction, when the group is gathered to focus on God's Word, worship and fellowship. Perhaps another week home fellowship will work out, but I can only use my best prayerful judgment, and work on today's project today.

I'm glad, especially now, that one day's trouble is all I have to cope with--or better yet, turn over to Jesus through prayer.  And I'm comforted that our earthly troubles have already been handled by the Lord, even personally assigned to us by our Heavenly Father, as Pastor John taught today, to develop maturity and absolute trust in Him.

Psalm 56:8 says,

You number my wanderings;
Put my tears into Your bottle;
Are they not in Your book?

One of my favorite praise songs says,

"You know my name; You know my every thought. You see each tear that falls, and You hear me when I call, You hear me when I call."

Thank you, Lord!

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