Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Get-a-Grip Tuesday

3:55 p.m. Today's project was to stay home for the day and work within the realization that we are two days away from Thanksgiving. For us cooks, bakers, hostesses and homemakers, our countdown has already begun! Time to "get a grip!"

My normal day includes facial appointments and parties, but this week has been quite exceptional. My clientele, for the most part, are grocery shopping or preparing to shop at the last minute for the meal they'll be cooking, or they are getting ready to travel to a family's house for their Thanksgiving meal and getting a side dish or dessert planned. It's not easy to book appointments when women are so distracted, even though I do have facials on my books for next week. Seemed like an ideal day to stay home and bake whole wheat-pecan dinner rolls, and freeze them for Thanksgiving.

I did conduct some business, however, sending out a massive email for the Pink Friday sale I'm having. I know that my customers will be shopping, so they might as well do some of their shopping with me!

This morning, I was particularly tired, especially with Steve getting up just as I was about to get in the shower, and needing some care before he returned to bed. So after I got Steve's breakfast and online devotional ready, I told the caregiver that I'd be lying down in the next room while he handled the morning routine. By the time I came downstairs at 8:15, the guys were returning from a short walk with Jada, Steve was in good spirits, and he'd even held Jada's leash a few times. To think that Steve handled both strong-willed, vigorous labs singlehandedly on 2.5 miles of fast walking every day until a few months ago! I just have to call upon the Lord for the "peace that passes understanding" (Philippians 4:7), whenever I'm tempted to dwell too long on Steve's former healthy condition.

After my devotions were finished, we both began our tasks, edging the back patio for Steve, and roll making for me. I'm always leery of expecting success on my first batch of Thanksgiving yeast rolls, because I'm so out of practice that I end up having to make more than one. Last year I concocted 4 batches, if you can imagine. Even with help from one of my grandsons, only one batch turned out well enough to serve the large extended family group, and others were frozen for Steve, who loves any kind of bread. Now I can only imagine having enough time to bake without constantly checking on Steve's safety and frame of mind. But the Lord was abundantly gracious to me today. In between breaks for snacks, lunch and changing of Steve's tasks, I was able to do each step of my baking! And in the middle of refining and adding to my customer email list, and the rolls going into the oven, we sat down together and watched a modern version of The Velveteen Rabbit until he fell asleep, which happens several times a day. So I slipped back over to the computer to complete my business.

The rolls came out crunchy and tasty, so I cooled and froze them. Maybe tomorrow I'll make another kind, or a quick bread, or just buy some Brown 'n Serve for those who want softer rolls. Our group will be small, since both daughters are having Thanksgiving with their in-laws, who are local and we love very much. They'll come over for dessert and movies. Next year, I have a feeling I'll be needing much more support to get through the holidays. This looks to be the last Thanksgiving Steve will be able to sit at a dinner table and handle his eating utensils. I think I'll place him between youngest son Steven and myself for quiet assistance.

Similar arrangements have been made for this evening, when Steve's friend Bob will be picking him up for the Men's Bible study potluck and keeping him under his wing for the evening. I cannot be everywhere, and that's the way it should be. God wants to use and bless others in Steve's life, and our church friends are more than eager to help. But even their help is God-ordained!

Psalm 46:1 says, and I need to rest on this beloved verse, no matter what happens today, no matter what is going to happen tomorrow:

God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.

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