Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A grateful day

3:22 p.m. Today's project was to attend Bible study and bask in the glow of the love and support of my group. And above all, we meet to honor God by learning, reflecting on, and sharing what God showed each of us in His word the past week.

As the discussion ensued, we all related to the failings and lack of trust patriarch Abraham exhibited in Genesis 20, lying about Sarah to protect his own life--assuming the the people and the king of Gerar, Abimelech, were godless and would kill him for his wife. Abraham ends up being rebuked by an unbeliever, a position no Christian wants to be found in! As we moved on to Genesis 21, we had a joyful discussion, as the long-awaited son of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac, was born, and given a huge feast at his weaning.

We had the privilege of ministering truth to a member who had questions about what the cults say about Jesus, and I counseled her to focus on the True, the Eternal, the Word of God, not the lies and half-truths of Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons. "Be schooled in the Bible, and know it well," was the advice of the group!

At the end of the session, our group had a time of prayer, which I opened with needs I was aware of. Then the floodgates of Spirit-led prayer for Steve and me flowed forth, and I was just overwhelmed by the love, support and strength I received. Along with Pastor John meeting with us yesterday, I thought my cup was running over! But God wasn't done yet! 

After Bible study, Cindy, a member of the group, followed me home to get acquainted with Steve, so she can come over periodically, or even regularly, and give me respite. She has years of experience because her late father-in-law had Alzheimer's, and became quite wild in the end stage. (Steve is no where near that, but does get frustrated).

Cindy came over, met Steve and Jada, and then we all went out to the garden, which she loved. Cindy had a wonderful year in her garden of raised beds this summer, and is eager to learn which plants will grow well in cool weather. While in the house after our salad lunch, I mentioned the upstair toilet "running," and the two of us went upstairs, where Cindy shut off the water and adjusted the float! Cindy does all manner of home repair and building projects at home because her husband works long hours. She is gifted in handiwork, for sure. and Steve and I so need the help! As Proverbs 27:10 says,

Better is a neighbor who is near than a brother who is afar off.

How true that is! This morning, I got some information from my sister-in-law about her late husband's Alzheimer's, but we just can't sit and talk, because she's 45 minutes away. So I've enjoyed my caregivers' support group and all of the help of our medical professionals and guidebooks from the Riverside County Office of Aging and the Alzheimer's Association..

And the volunteer assistance we receive from our church friends has been wonderful. Cindy is committed to come over and garden with Steve a couple of hours a week, which will help me with my writing time on Wednesdays. Steve will gain supervised outside activity, which he loves. I am sure I'll join them for  a while each time, because I just love my garden!

But God wasn't done yet! While Cindy and I were upstairs, there was a loud double DING DONG, and there was my dad, with a beautifully carved walking stick from Africa for Steve in one hand, and a small bag of tools to fix the toilet in the other! We didn't need help at that time with the toilet, but Daddy, Cindy and I had a happy conversation about Daddy's latest read, Nearing Home, by Billy Graham.  Steve was watching "Evan Almighty" on the tv, and drinking his water. He is already speaking more, as he's increasing his hydration! Praise God, and may Steve's confusion abate!

But God wasn't done yet! I had heard from new friends at the boutique Saturday, that Verizon can make a phone number go "dormant," not terminated, and one would thus not incur early termination fees. So I called today, and told them the need for Steve's phone to be made dormant, or suspended, because he can no longer answer the phone, let alone dial it, due to his permanent disability. The Lord led me to the right customer service lady, becuase she researched and found that the early termination fee could be waived for terminal illness, which Alzheimer's is. Apparently her experience with a grandparent made her sensitive to our plight, and cause me to become tearful with gratitude, like I did during my Bible study group's prayers.  God is so good!

I told the the customer service agent, Lindsay, that God had sent me to the right person! She replied , "I'm glad the Lord did, too!"

Funny how, like Abraham, we might assume that strangers aren't believers, or that they will be unethical or dangerous. I prefer to find friends whereverI go, see the best in them, and share the Lord with them by being friendly and helpful. And if I discover a sister or brother in the Lord in a business situation, all the better! That's the best outcome of all!

So I end this day with gratitude to God for all that He is doing--and trusting Him as He has promised to be my faithful  Savior and Provider. I am looking forward to a fun evening visit with our daughter Heather, and hopefully, her husband Nick!

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