Saturday, November 5, 2011

A day away in Hootieville

8:21 p.m. Today's project was to join other vendors at the Hootieville Boutique in Riverside. All kinds of crafters and artisans were there with their handmade specialties. Other than a cooking company representative, I was the only invited one representing a well known brand, Mary Kay. Vendor reporting time to set up was 8:30. Since I had a catalog to deliver to a customer who works the 5 a.m.-2 p.m. shift at Ralphs supermarket down the hill, I scheduled a caregiver for 7:30, to give myself plenty of time to get to the Woodcrest area of Riverside.

At 5:30, I made the decision to upend my morning and take a shower first while Steve was sleeping, and then go downstairs to begin my devotions while he slept until 6:30. That would give him an hour to arise, take his meds and his banana, and then go back upstairs for his shower and be ready when the caregiver arrived. Instead of waiting for Steve to do it, I just let the dog out and started drycleaning the pinky-coral sweater I planned to wear with my jeans and low heels.

I got Steve's breakfast elements set up, flavored my coffee and posted a verse from Psalms on Facebook. I was about to start my Bible reading when I realized it was almost 6:30, time to wake Steve up. He's been tough to awaken lately, despite  averaging 9-10 hours of sleep. So a "gentle firmness" was in order, as well as allowing a few extra minutes.

After slightly shaking his shoulder, Steve awoke with a loud cry of agony! As I pulled back the covers, he said, "My leg!" Seems he was having a leg cramp, and I know from experience how they can hurt. I told him to stretch out the leg and bend back his foot--it's handy to have sports trainer Steven in the family to give us advice on these things that can be recalled when needed-- and I helped him sit up as the pain eased. I worry, quite rationally, that I don't have the strength required to move him around, with my back pain and much smaller size, unless he fully cooperates. I don't have the training, either. That's another potentially dangerous issue I am bringing to the Lord, while Psalm 4:1 reassures me.

Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness! You have relieved me in my distress; have mercy on me and hear my prayer.

In other words, because God has given me relief in past situations, I can trust Him to hear me now!!

Steve was now shaking violently, really badly. I helped him put on sweatpants and a tee shirt, even managed to apply Vicks to his toes as prescribed, and we slowly made it downstairs for his medication and banana. I threw a thick afghan over his shoulders while he completed this. I had just  led him over to the couch using his walker when the doorbell rang. What?! The caregiver wasn't due until 7:30.

"Well," I told Cassandra, "Now that you're here, please help me get Steve's legs up onto the couch." Se we did, I covered him up, and he went back to sleep. I went to the dining room table to continue my devotions, very glad I'd showered already in light of the latest emergency at our house. Then I packed a small lunch, and went to put on makeup and get dressed, laying the now-clean sweater out on my bed. As I was dressing, I heard "Ding-dong,", and another caregiver was entering the door! I let the two decide which was going to stay, and proceeded with my dressing. The agency could figure it out.
I had a destination and a time frame, so when I came down to eat my scrambled eggs, I just told them to call Brightstar. Finally, car all packed with the complete collection of wrapped gifts and regular inventory too, I went out to the garage with one of the caregivers behind me, on her way home.

It was time for one more piece of nonsense from the devil: the second caregiver had locked her key--the only one, apparently--in her car!  We no longer have AAA, so I couldn't call for help, and her cell phone was dead. I pointed her to the wire hangers we have in the garage near the clothes dryer, and just left. When a believer makes a commitment, she keeps it! Steve was resting peacefully, and he had skilled care provided, so my priorities were met.

Praise the Lord, I did drop off the catalog at Ralphs, and arrived to set up 15 minutes earlier than required, which I think a diligent businesswoman should do. A wonderful day graced by lovely, talented women, vendors who bought almost $200 worth of products from me, delicious breakfast and lunch prepared right on the spot, and an absence of wearing my "Freedom Alert" lanyard made me feel free indeed!

The Lord was so gracious, as were the hosts, crafts ladies and guests. Many old friends from Harvest were there, including Monica and her daughter Melly pictured above, and new friends were made. Two newborns attended also, what a treat! I must have given 30 "mini-facials" on the backs of ladies' hands, and handed out scores of labeled lip gloss samples. I had the privilege of being placed in a lovely well-lit window location next to a silversmith, enjoying my view of her handmade creations; and catercorner from hat and handbag designers. I sold most of my products to other vendors, bought a jar of homemade salted caramel and a very special Christmas gift about which I'll say no more!

An invitation was given to me to participate in a smaller boutique in Mission Viejo

Wouldn't I have been foolish to panic and paralyze myself, at the three matters that actually were resolved by God in answer to prayer? Upon returning home, I saw that neither the extra caregiver, nor her car were in the driveway--the two gals had used a hanger to unlock the car--and heard that Steve had had a good day.I now have scores of leads, cash and checks in hand for my hardly-an-effort for 8 hours in an uniquely charming setting, enjoying visits with quality women of all ages. And who knows how many future team members may be in my list of names?

My sales director and I were able to have a long conversation during a lull in facial guests, while the hat vendor was just freely sampling and selecting lip glosses. Laurie said, "It so obvious that God is blessing your business tremendously, that your progress in sales and team building is from Him.And Steve can be well cared for at home, for a few hours, a few times a week, to the benefit of you and him!" We counseled together on leadership matters, and I felt even more convinced that God is confirming His directive to me early this year to really apply myself to my business!

Steve is sleeping peacefully now, and I will soon follow suit. We'll take advantage of the extra hour of sleep, see how he will be walking in and out of church tomorrow, and whether he will attend Home Fellowship tomorrow night.  He is in God's hands--what a joy to know that Jesus is here, as He said in Matthew18: 20:

For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I  am there in the midst of them.  

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  1. The LORD enables you to keep your head about you and not feel sorry for yourself. Steve is blessed to have married you. Glad your director recognized your progress in Mary Kay. Happy to see my LORD answering prayers for you and Steve, and know that HE will be there for me too when my husband gets to the stage that Steve is in.

    Hugs and prayers,