Saturday, November 12, 2011

Warming up the day

6:08 p.m. Today's project was to join  future director Cara, in hosting a Mary Kay skincare class at our training center in Redlands, slated for 9 a.m. I was delighted to be invited to add my guests. I quickly booked two guests, and hoped for a third who was stopping by to pick up a moisturizer she'd purchased at a boutique last week. Cara had six girls from the University of Redlands. We both had met just one of today's guests at a carnival, and they invited others. That's one of the beautiful advantages of the Mary Kay business--every woman has a face!

Twelve hours ago I wasn't feeling very advantaged, because I had gotten up and started getting ready, and was starting my devotions when time came to wake Steve up. His helper was to arrive at 7 a.m. It was critical that Steve get his meds taken on time as usual. He woke up shaking horribly, and getting him to just sit up was strenuous. The other time he shook like that was last Saturday morning when I also had a major event coming up.  I managed to help him into his sweatpants and slippers, helped him downstairs, and got him seated at the kitchen table. Just as I was turning up the heat from 70 to 72 degrees, the doorbell rang and the caregiver came in.

I covered Steve with a heavy afghan in addition to his t-shirt and sweats, and then the two of us tried to get his shaking to stop long enough to take his medication. He finally managed it, and while the caregiver got his banana peeled, I brought his coffee. That helped with warming, and meanwhile, the heater had kicked on. Steve then moved over to his online devotional reading. I went back to my devotions  after giving the caregiver his directions for the morning. Steve began to come around to normal, and by the time I went upstairs to get dressed and made up, he was eating his hot buttered rolls.

Saturday mornings seem to be difficult for Steve the last two weeks, even scary. It's certainly no fault of his--even if I told him just before bedtime that I had an event in the morning, he would have no knowledge of it at all within 1 minute. It would be the same case if even if I had mentioned it this morning. Last week, the helper and I let Steve go to back to sleep on the couch, but today he preferred to stay up.

Perhaps we need to have the heater come on a little earlier, but during the week he doesn't shake in the mornings, and we get up even earlier. Quite a puzzlement! Just now returned from a readjusting of the heater's program--we'll see what happens, courtesy of Mrs. Non-handy!

Even if there's a logical, practical or mechanical solution to Steve's Saturday shakes, the enemy does use our miscalculations and lack of foresight to rattle belivers, to distract and discourage us from what we are called to do. The devil is a thief, (John 10: 10) not only of life and property, but of peace, purpose. confidence and initiative. Above all, he's a liar! Jesus said  of the devil in in John 8:44,

He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.

So the lies, "You aren't supposed to go out today--look at Steve! It's raining, you can't go anywhere today! You're low on gas and your tires aren't too good, you need to stay home!" were familiar ones, getting a bit rusty, actually, by now. On and on the negative, gloomy harassment  went, until I kissed Steve goodbye (now doing just fine) and went on to my skincare class.

Two cash sales quickly solved my gasoline problem and put money in the bank; and I found a potential team member, too! Meanwhile, Cara and I conducted the class with our beauty coats on, a first for me. I definitely enjoy the Christian fellowship and the ideas I glean from watching another consultant's presentation. We had all the facial supplies we needed between the two of us. Since there's no competition between Mary Kay consultants, we can have our founder's "go-give" spirit in our businesses, helping others be successful!

So much for this morning's cold start--today's good news keeps getting better, thank you Lord! Two Facebook friends are expressing interest in joining my team, after seeing a picture I posted of the $75 starter kit contents. These are young moms who need extra income, as many do today. If the Lord can use me to lend a hand with training, sisterly fellowship, and encouragement, it will be a privilege. 

Steve and I continued on with a relaxed, cozy afternoon and evening, warmed by a crockpot full of creamy beef, cheddar, potato and chopped vegetable soup. He's sleeping peacefully now, and we are looking forward to our day at church tomorrow. We are praying our caregiver will make it to 2nd service  which we attend. In the Lord there is healing and hope; the indwelling Spirit gives power to cope.  

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