Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Sunday

9:40 p.m. Today's project was to enjoy a nice long morning before leaving early for church. It's amazing how calm and orderly our mornings are now with help for Steve arriving each day at 6:30 a.m. This was the first Sunday we've had our caregiver come, so I got up an hour earlier than usual to make it to 2nd service, but I can get used to it!

While Steve ate the scrambled eggs I prepared for hi, the caregiver volunteered to take Jada for a walk, because it was too cold for Steve to go out, and there was a window of time he wasn't needed. It was a little brisk, but Steve gets very chilled like my late mother would in her late 70's after her stroke. I wonder if a brain malfunction makes bodily temperature regulation go awry? Mommy would wear a windbreaker in August! So I readily assented, and Jada was certainly glad for the exercise and attention!

Steve and I arrived at church early as planned, and I left him in the parked Jeep while I took a product to my friend Karen, who, amazingly, I found as she was heading into the education building to prepare for her Sunday school class---I didn't even have to have Steve out of my sight! But as I rummaged in my bag, I realized that the concealer must have slipped out in the car, so I fetched Steve and we went upstairs to the 5th & 6th grade  classroom she shares with my Mrs Heidi Ilie and her husband Pavel who teach 3rd service.

Our guest speaker was just amazing, a young pastor from Calvary Chapel of Signal Hill, an area of Long Beach. Steve stayed very alert and Pastor James Kaddish spoke so urgently of the blessings of being a believer, and conversely, the dire condemnation of the unbeliever. I loved this statement he made:

"The closest a Christian will ever get to hell is life on this earth. The closest an unbeliever will ever get to heaven is life on this earth."

Profound, isn't it? For me, the trials and travesties, disappointments and illnesses are serious, but overall, this earth reflects God's handiwork, and there is much beauty and pleasure to be found in loving relationships, constructive work, fellowship at church, ministry, the Bible, creativity, and many more gifts to man from our Creator, who gives us richly all things to enjoy" (I Timothy 6:17).

We left the service very encouraged and uplifted. and then we enjoyed a few minutes with our above-mentioned daughter and her husband planning a play date for their Sammy and Jazzlyn's visit with our Jada. (There's a serious lack of children here, this grandma thinks)!

As we visited with Heidi and Pavel, a friend of Steve's from Mens' Study came over and invited him to the annual potluck Tuesday night. He hasn't been able to attend because of his Alzheimer's--he needs a constant attendant to help him stay awake and doesn't focus or comprehend what is being read or said. Nights get difficult. But a whole evening of food and fellowship will hit the spot and make him feel a part of things. So in case I have an appointment that evening, I called his friend Bob and he readily agreed to pick Steve up and keep him under wing for the evening. What a great Body we have at Calvary Chapel Moreno Valley!

Further along our way to the car, we talked a bit with a couple of young women, both of whom are making preparations to move to Foley, Alabama to help in children's ministry there at our offspring Calvary Chapel. Not through yet with fellowship, I delivered a product to a customer who mans the bookstore between 2nd and 3rd service, and she just raved about the sample product she has been using. She also wants to book her very own Mary Kay party for December (which we later discussed on the phone).

Home for an afternoon of relaxation interspersed with booking calls, I noticed Steve's spasms were returning quite vehemently. So we set off in the rain to our neighborhood CVS pharmacy for 14 pills of Clonezapam. The technician running the drive-through at that moment was--voila--a gal who had been talking to me about becoming a consultant, asking me about foundation types, and booking an appointment for December also!! Thank you, Lord, for Shaneca, and thank you, Lord, that with just one pill, my husband's spasms subsided!

Capping off our happy Sunday was a 50th birthday party for our Home Fellowship leader, Pastor Brent Sharick, in whose honor we all came dressed in black! 50? Huh! A mere child to this 60 year old! His two children were there, along with one of their spouses and a granddaughter. We had extended worship and then enjoyed the wonderful food and desserts various ladies brought to share, along with the lovely birthday cake.

While he cannot participate in conversations, Steve is not shunted aside. Every one of the group, particularly the men, stopped by his seat to say hello and speak briefly to him. He is loved by one and all, just a regular member of the Home Fellowship. Another praise: I sold and signed a copy of my book, Galatians: An Exploration of Faith & Freedom, to a sister there who enjoys doing Bible studies on the train into LA.  Another member of the group saw it and wants to buy one next week. 

Must be the week of the book, because a longtime  Christian political friend saw a single last copy of Galatians at the Harvest Christian Fellowship Bookstore and is coming over Tuesday to buy a copy from me. left.Our evening wrapped up with a quick phone conversation with my Long Beach son Kriss

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