Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dads I know

2:04 p.m. Today's project was to watch the movie "Courageous" with my dad and my husband.

Daddy had asked me to get the DVD, and we've all been excited to watch it--1 hour and 29 minutes of sheer Holy Spirit adrenaline! Very scriptural, from the faith and integrity the fathers learn to practice, to real "good vs. evil" action on the streets and in the hearts of the characters. We all shed some tears.

The three of us had three or more generations come into our minds. Only my dad knows the impact his father had on his successful 84 years, for the most part. I thank my dad regularly my dad for taking care of us throughout my childhood and funding my education,and  helping me raise my son after my divorce before I got saved. I owe him plenty. And now, at a time when Steve and I would not have needed any help, except for Alzheimer's rearing its ugly head, he initiates ways to fill in for tasks that Steve can no longer perform to keep up our property. Just today, he made it possible for us to hire a licensed tree trimming contractor to keep our trees from collapsing and our roof with it! Steve and I both thanked him warmly  and wordlessly as he headed out for Redlands.

Steve's story is similar, with a dad who instilled churchgoing, hardworking values that made Steve such an excellent provider. As we watched very emotionally stirrring parts of "Courageous," I assured Steve that our kids grew up seeing him pray, hearing him read the scriptures to them, and faithfully attending church with his family and every men's study their whole lives. His influence over the girls has led them to marry godly young men. As for the struggles some of the boys have faced, they are in God's proving ground, while doing their best to support, encourage and lead the good women they love. I'd like to let Sean, a dad of two great teenage sons who know the Lord; and Kriss, an expectant dad, borrow our copy of the movie. And Steven will marry into those responsibilites in good time, God's time! Ecclesiastes 3:11 says,

He has made everything beautiful in its time.

What that verse means to me in the frame of mind I am in with the movie, is that in the lives of families, not even the godliest, most committed, best-intentioned man does right by his family every single day.
 Thus, much forgiveness needs to be asked for, given and received, on all sides and between generations. There was much of that willingness to forgive seen in "Courageous," opening doors for things to be done God's way next time. And each of us have seen the difference forgiveness makes in our own lives--whether we have offended or been offended. Forgiveness, as Christ has forgiven us, is a sign of true love, of looking to a brighter future for each of us!

Praise the Lord for scripture-believing people who have answered the call to produce uplifting, challenging, and inspiring movies like "Fireproof" and "Courageous" that will make a difference in this generation and the ones that follow us!

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  1. I read the novelization of "Courageous" before it came out and reviewed it on Amazon and two other sites. Randy Alcorn, prolific Christian author, wrote that novelization. We saw the movie when it first came out and will undoubtedly purchase it. My husband likes to repeatedly watch "Fireproof" which was also produced by the same church in Georgia and I expect he will love to watch "Courageous" over and over again.