Monday, January 16, 2012

Spending a good day

7:27 p.m. Today's project was to spend a good day with Steve.

Bible study and devotions done, breakfast cleaned up, both of us dressed and ready, off we went to my first stop, the Upper Echelon beauty salon. It was a very quiet day, with just my hairdresser Irene and my friend and Mary Kay customer Earlene on duty at the next booth. Irene works just Mondays and Fridays, and Earlene meets her clients most days of the week. Not only is Monday slow in general, but it was the Martin Luther King holiday for schools, banks, the mail and government employees so the other stylists were gone..

But that made for the perfect atmosphere for Steve to take a seat by the front of the salon and look out the windows at the ambulance company's vehicles coming and going and an occasional airplane taking off from March Air Reserve base.  The conversation was lively with those of us present. I invited Irene to a special STAR celebration fancy dessert evening our unit is hosting on Thursday, when each consultant can invite up to 5 guests. I haven't gotten any firm "yes"-es yet, so I had been making phone calls most of the morning at home, and later while Irene had me under the dryer to take some of the wetness out of my hair.

Just like he does when we drive around, Steve was content to just stare out at the busy world on the other side of the windows. What is he thinking, I wonder? He used to become upset at times and comment that he felt so useless when we'd be out on errands and everyone but him had "places to go and people to see."  He is much less agitated these days, less worried or even conscious of his mounting losses. Not that he'soblivious. He would be hard-pressed to ignore his inability to put on or remove a seat belt, or open or shut his car door. Because he may need to get out of the Jeep in an accident should I become injured and unable to get him out, that's a serious concern. Steve's caregiver and I are planning for him to practice using the seat belt and getting in and out of the car this week. Should work out because it's pretty chilly for walking the dog in the morning as usual, and many times the Jeep is still here. As Proverbs 22:3 (NLT) says,

A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.

In God's perfect timing, the Riverside County Office on Aging is offering a special class on emergency procedures for caregivers Wednesday--and I pray they discuss vehicle issues, not just home safety. Whether the presenters cover Steve's issue or not, I'll bring it up!

The rest of the day was all business for me, though Steve went with me from place to place. When I had a facial at the house, Steve followed my suggestion that he go upstairs and take his afternoon nap on our bed rather than just dozing on the family room couch. And later, when I had to run over to Ralphs grocery store to see a gal who is seriously considering Mary Kay, he came along to support me! When my optician Sherri came by with my new set of contact lenses, hallelujah, I offered her an opportunity for free product. Work days are for working, just as Sherri and I were doing!

I loved the expression on Steve's face when I served him his favorite meal--cornbread and chili. We then relaxed for a bit, enjoying the Martin Luther King Day movie about the Birmingham bus boycott that started the civil rights movement in this country. Just think--if integration had not become the law of the land, Steve and I might never have met!

Today was no holiday for most businesses, including mine. But I'll quote hairdresser Earlene, who serves the Lord by serving her customers. When I asked how many days a week she works, she answered, "As many days as my clients need me, I'm here."

Now that's a word for all of us who want the Lord to bless the work of our hands!


  1. How did integration help in your meeting of Steve? Do you find as I do that coconut oil helps Steve? That's great you can get help with the seat belt.

    My AD husband and I also had a great day. First we took the car in for a minor fix. We walked across the street for breakfast when DH realized he forgot his false teeth--always an issue for me to get him to eat which he needs to do before he has his medicine. Then we went to a Senior Day at our friends' church for lunch. We went on to the Mall and DH got DVDs to watch with a Barnes and Noble gift card. We continued getting our rings checked at Kay Jewelers and saw the great movie "Joyful Noise". Can Steve enjoy movies in a theater?

    Have a great week. Will check in with you some days.


  2. Hi Carol, sounds like you and DH had a blast! I'm still figuring out how to get coc. oil into Steve's food since no sweets can be allowed. We've done popcorn and fried a couple of grilled cheese, but I don't do much frying and hot cereal doesn't "sit" well...

    The reason integration facilitated our meeting is that I'm black! There were neighborhoods where our family couldn't live, and even the churches would have continued being separate.


  3. Coconut oil isn't half bad straight off a spoon! I continue reading and enjoying your blog. I have your Bible study in my cart at Amazon when I get ready to make my next order.