Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wild Tuesday

9:31 p.m. Today's project was to welcome our visiting Korean student to our home. But our day had been in full swing long before the 12:15 pick-up time.

I'd asked Steve's morning caregiver to stay through lunch so I could go put gas in the car, collect a Firming Eye Cream from another consultant, get a few more Namenda pills, and pick up some last minute groceries. The whole errand run made sense except for the fact that I stopped and bought gas at three separate gas stations looking for the lowest price. I get the first stop because I was on empty, and the 2nd one hoping to qualify for a Ralphs bonus point discount at Shell.  But I think the third stop wasn't all that necessary because the price wasn't any lower. But I do have a full tank of gas...

We got Steve changed into a better outfit for receiving company, I put his lunch together and made my salad, which I ate while setting up the dining room table for a facial later. Then, a nap!!

The Lord was so good, "giving His beloved rest!" (Psalm 127:2b). When I picked up Jung, she had just one rolling bag, and we got to conversing immediately. In order to find out if she was a believer, I asked her if there were any celebrations this time of year in Korea, and she mentioned, "Not many, you know, Christmas celebrations." "Oh, " I rejoined, "Did you go?" She said, "Yes, at church, I'm a Christian." I said, "Oh, that's wonderful! We were really praying you would be!"

We then talked about my children and she was very fascinated with Steven's bodybuilding. At home, I introduced her to Steve and his caregiver, who left shortly after. Jung had a brief tour of her room, where I'd placed a bowl of fruit and some gifts--a soft teddy holding a nicely wrapped Mary Kay cologne. I showed her her bathroom. She asked if she would be the only one staying upstairs, in a kind of anxious way, but I showed her the master bedroom that Steve and I occupy. Jung then proceeded to nap for about 3 hours.

And what a three hours it was! Neil out tech guru called and was feeling better, so he came over to get the desktop computer to recognize the wireless hotspot, and with my logo, he worked doggedly to make it happen. God has a special place in His heart for skilled craftsment, commending them in Exodus 31, as Moses was given directions for building the Tabernacle.We are all called to be diligent in using our gifts. As Neil was working away on this computer, I was making booking phone calls and setting and re-setting appointments--that's  my business to do diligently. And God blesses and will bless the person who puts his or her hands to the work God has gifted them for!

That is one way that Steve's Alzheimer's has been so sad. He always loved to be fixing and helping solve problems, and was brilliant at it, always eager to be of assistance at work, home, and church. Or on the street with total strangers--he just loved to help others. So this aftenoon was tough for him. I'd get up every now and then to get him a snack, change a channel, or start him out on a small task, but overall, he just was sitting on the couch while everybody else's busy world was circling around him and eventually passing him by. I sat down on the couch with Steve for a few minutes several times, and he did eventually doze off.

Neil had solved the problem after much labor, while a prospective customer was beginning her facial in the living room.  Jung got up momentarily and then went back into her room, probably so exhausted from her 10-hour flight.

Dinner was good, despite the fact that I'd forgotten to buy rice of all things! We enjoyed nice conversation about her family and ours. Jung was very tactfully not noticing Steve's difficulties eating. When the evening caregiver came, she and Steve went out to the patio to introduce Jung to Jada while I cleaned up the kitchen. Then Jung and I went over to Radio Shack for a wall converter plug-in, and to our local organic market. When Steve was given the choice to have popcorn at home, or go to the store, popcorn won!!

Now that our son Steve and his girlfriend Kathy have arrived safely from Fresno, I can go to bed, and greet the Lord with excitement for the new day! How great are You, Lord! 

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  1. I am so impressed that even with Steve's condition, you can host Jung. Is she going to school? How will she get around?

    My husband is on Namenda and Exelon pills along with coconut oil. Dr. Newport is talking about coconut oil tomorrow, Jan. 5, on the 700 club. Try to watch or tape.